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The most weird hotels

No description

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of The most weird hotels

The most weird hotels
The Ice Hotel
Process of construction of the hotel The Ice Hotel in Sweden begins every year in mid- November. Then from the River Torne mined tons of ice and snow to build . The hotel has a reception, a church, a bar and lounge area. The total capacity of up to 100 people. All items made of ice , and design room stock changes every year . You can rent a room in a fancy hotel from December to April, after which all the parts are brought back into the river there to melt. In any case, if you decide to visit The Ice Hotel and its restaurant ,you should dress warmly. Rooms cost from € 300 per room.
«Airplane Suite»
Want to feel like a rich man, like owning your own plane? Then book your accommodation for IL-18, previously used to transport members of the Government of the German Democratic Republic. Plane length of 40 meters is a family room - suite: jacuzzi, shower, infrared sauna, mini bar, 3 flat screen TV, Blu-Ray DVD, a snack bar with a kitchenette. Cost of living - 250-400 euros / night.
Poseidon Undersea Resort
Fiji government has decided to surprise seasoned travelers , opening hotel Poseidon Undersea Resort 5 * , located on the ocean floor . Fiji government has decided to surprise seasoned travelers , opening hotel Poseidon Undersea Resort 5 * , located on the ocean floor . 48 new bungalows are situated on the land , while 24 rooms - under water. The underwater part of the hotel is furnished in a former submarine station , built in 1962 . If necessary, the capsule can be lifted to the water surface. Guests of underwater room with a special remote control, can feed the representatives of the local fauna . Living under water in a 2-bed room at the Poseidon Undersea Resort will cost 30 thousand dollars a week.
Capsule Inn
In Tokyo, more than three years, a thriving one of the most unusual hotels in the world - Capsule Inn. This capsule hotel consists of two parts: a common living room and personal space for each lodger, where the famous room are. Walk-capsule is made of reinforced plastic, includes all the necessary amenities such as television, radio, alarm, lighting, internet, comfortable bed ... and no space. Capsule Room will cost you about $ 24 - $ 49 per night.
Hotel - School McMenemins
Old Portland elementary school, opened in 1915, offers you to come back for a while in your high school years. The hotel offers rooms reminiscent of classes with blackboard and chalk, school desks and telephones and the Internet, as well as the bathroom. Add to that restaurant, a cinema and a small factory brewery and you will get a hotel-school.What happy - you will not rebuke you for drinking alcohol. Rate-$ 110 per night.
Jules' Undersea Lodge
It seems this is the only underwater hotel , the entrance there is only out of the water , and not from the surface. Because this American hotel in fact, is itself a small bathyscaphe , located at a depth of 9 meters. The rooms in this hotel are equipped with all the necessary amenities , but the biggest unusual - huge windows through which one can observe the life of the underwater world. Is such a pleasure from 600 to 1,000 U.S. dollars per day .
Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren
Of the four empty barrels from French Beaujolais volume of 14,500 liters built a hotel "De Vrouwe van Stavoren". Each barrel is a separate room for two people with a standard decor. Among other things, to the barreled bedroom added a bathroom and a living room. Visitors from all over the world come to the attractive northern port town Stavoren to stay in one of these barrels-rooms. One night in a hotel is from 74 to 119 euros, with a discount up to 75%, depending on the season.
Hotel Propeller Island City Lodge
Each room is there - a flight of fancy of the artist.To try all the sensations of living in such numbers , it is necessary to sort out all 30 options offered at this hotel. They say that the guests are delighted that they have to sleep on the ceiling in a shelf , dresser hangs somewhere on the side , and come down on the bed face down. All the fun - from 69 euros per night.
Crown Plaza Hotel and Conference Center
Here trailers Charlie Chaplin and Winston Churchill , but even so the big names and the muffled sound , the station continues to work for its intended purpose - to let the train. Customers do not complain , and even say that this neighborhood offers additional authenticity of the hotel, which , among other things , has a pool , a restaurant and gym facilities . By the way, quite inexpensively from $ 220 per night.
The most space hotel
This project is developing a private Russian company " Orbital Technologies ", which is engaged in the exploration of space .The hotel is located right in the open space at an altitude of 217 miles from Earth , and its opening is planned for 2016 . The hotel room will be provided by 7 space tourists from the windows of which will be a great view of the Earth. Prices for a stay in space will also be space : the fare will be about $ 410,000 , and the accommodation space hotel will cost $ 165,000 for 2 days. Yes .. This is not a zero stars hotel in Switzerland.
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