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Copy of A Timeline of Friendship: Owen and Mzee

This is the true story of Owen and Mzee:a Hippo and a Tortoise

Olivia Curnen

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of A Timeline of Friendship: Owen and Mzee

December 27th, 2004:
Owen meets Mzee 2004-2006:
Daily Life for Owen and Mzee Before Owen met Mzee, Mzee had known another hippo. The hippo was too rough when he tried to play with Mzee. He rolled him around like a ball and cracked Mzee's shell.
The Haller Park staff was afraid that as Owen got older, he would unintentionally hurt Mzee. The staff arranged for Owen to be placed with another hippo named Cleo. She had been acting very lonely. Owen and Cleo now live happily in an enclosure together. Even though Owen and Mzee do not live together any longer, they have adjusted well. They are both very happy living in their own enclosures. Their amazing story will certainly not be forgotten. The day after, only one of a pod of hippos could be seen. To make matters worse, he was only a baby. A group of volunteers on the beach roped him up and put him in a truck. Then, they took him to Haller Park; an animal refuge in Mombasa, Kenya. There, the baby hippo (newly named Owen) ran from the people who had rescued him to an old tortoise named Mzee. Life carried on as usual for Owen and Mzee. Mzee showed Owen the fundamentals of living in Haller Park. He let Owen follow him around, and taught him which plants he liked to eat. They even came up with their own sort of language; Owen would nip Mzee's back feet to go for a walk, and Mzee nudged Owen along to go for a swim. Owen even became friends with a female turtle called Toto. In fact, he likes to behave more like a tortoise than he does a hippo! 2006: Owen meets Cleo A Timeline of Friendship: December 26, 2004
Tsunami! On this date, one of the deadliest tsunamis in history occurred in the Indian Ocean. At the end of that day, more than 150,000 people were dead or missing, and MANY more were homeless in about 11 countries. This killer was created when a monster earthquake of a 9.0 magnitude occurred under an Indonesian island. The quake was so strong, it caused waves up to 50 feet high in some areas. 50ft 25ft 0ft So Why Does All This Matter? Owen and Mzee's story can show us many things. It teaches us about acceptance. It shows that even if you are from two very different groups, and lead very different lives, you can find the greatest of friends. There was a quote I heard from one of the visitors to Haller Park:
"When you're lost, and sort of ill, a friend is a friend." Owen and Mzee's story has showed me this: We are all living under the same sun, walking on the same soil, and if someone is in need, the least you can do is show them a bit of kindness. This is a diagram to show just how large the wave would have been. Owen and Mzee spent lots of their time together This is a picture of Owen, Mzee and Toto just hanging out. Owen and Cleo swimming in their enclosure Owen and Mzee share a snuggle Owen and Mzee
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