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No description

Radwa Ashraf

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of VLab GP

You can do more than you did before :) (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Not enough memory
in machines .. (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr live more than one life How our project will be
the solution ?? We can not work at our home ..
unless having this program installed
in a private PC Software and hardware are tightly coupled Not enough machines ! Agenda: Motivation New program in Lab we will use What about if a machine is breaking down in lab hours ?? We must wait ! Update Labs !! Waste time .. Need more features

Update labs again !! High cost .. Sponsored by : Virtualization Features :
VMs can be migrated from the broke down server
to another .. Multisession Save time Admin can scale out the servers
easily by adding ,
removing or updating
any service Time plan : Trials to get
an idea August
September Searching
VLab idea generation Midterm exam Study the virtualization idea
cloud computing December Getting servers
Final exams January Installation
configuration February October November Configuration
Establishing web
client Midterm March Add more
operating systems
testing May Final exams June July Integration
and testing Tools : Names:
Eman Saleh
Hanan Mohamed
Fatma El-Zhraa Ibrahim
Nahla Ibrahim Supervisor: Dr.Nevin Darwish Server can serve different hosts nb Motivation Project Idea Features Tools Market survey Time plan Names:
Eman Saleh
Hanan Mohamed
Fatma El-Zhraa Ibrahim
Nahla Ibrahim Supervisor: Dr.Nevin Darwish Sponsored by: Single OS image per machine April Cloud computing in VLab: Market survey: Running multiple applications on same machine often creates conflict Thanks Deliver a zero-footprint
application that
doesn’t need installation ThinApp Web client
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