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The 39 Clues Maze of Bones

Book 1Written by Rick Riordan

Liam Davis

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of The 39 Clues Maze of Bones

The 39 Clues Maze of Bones THE MAIN CHARACTERS by: Plot Summay The 39 Clues Maze of Bones is about 2 kids [Amy and Dan], who participate in a race for the most powerful treasure in the world. Amy and Dan's grandma, Grace and their parents hid 39 complex clues around the world before they died. Its not just Amy and Dan participating in the race, there are many more relatives in the race too, but only the people from certain ''branches'' like Lucian, Ekaterina, Tomas, Janus and Madrigal. All the people have a choice of 1 million dollars or the 1st clue. Amy and Dan pick the first clue. If Amy and Dan want to win, they are going to outsmart everyone in the race and fight their way to victory. If they don't, they might be homeless, lost or even dead. Exposition The exposition of my story is when Amy and Dan find out that their grandma Grace has died. The tone of the story is sad, mysterious and lonely because Amy and Dan`s parents have died too. Amy and Dan are really sad so they read Grace's books in her memory at her mansion. Rising action/Inciting force The Rising action of my story is when the main characters, Amy and Dan decide to enter the competition for the treasure. In the story, nobody really liked Amy and Dan because they felt that they had an advantage from their parents and Grace. Climax The climax of my story is when Amy and Dan first arrive in Paris. In Paris, Amy and Dan visit the Lucian Stronghold where they encounter the Starlings. Amy and Dan find the next clue but they step on a plate that opens a huge hole in the ground. Amy and Dan are holding on to the edge with dear life when the Starlings take their clue. Suddenly the door blows up and the Starlings are under a rock and knocked out. The clue leads them to the location of the maze of bones. In the maze of bones, Amy, Dan and their babysitter, Nellie try and find the next clue. They find this sequence. They finally get out with the 2nd clue. Falling action The falling action in my story is when Amy and Dan's clue lead them to a church. The Holts, Ian, his sister and Irena arrive at the church because they were following them. Amy and Dan run up to the attic and close the door to hide from them. Resolution The resolution of my story is when Amy and Dan find the 2nd clue. The clue is one of Benjamin Franklin's famous music notes. Ian and his sister find the vase which has a special note inside that may lead them to the same place where Amy and Dan need to go. I know this is the resolution because it leads to the 2nd book called the False Note. Visualizing I applied visualization to my story by imaginating and visualizing the story. It made me more interested in reading on, like watching an exciting movie. For example, when Grace's mansion was on fire, I pictured them running through obstacles, trying to get out of the house. It almost felt like I was in the story. Reading strategies I used:
-Inferring Predicting I applied predicting to my story by what was happening and trying to get a good knowledge of the next paragraph and chapter. For example, I predict the man in the black was Uncle Alistair because he was always disappearing and reappearing when Amy and Dan were around. Connecting I applied connecting by using text to world and text to self. My text to self is when I play hockey, its always a race to the puck and in the story, it was a race to find the treasure. My text to world is the movie, National Treasure because there are teams going for the big treasure. Also, there are many different clues that lead to other clues. This helped me by knowing how intense races can be. Rereading I used rereading to help me find facts that I missed, which sequels to another important detail. Inferring I used inferring in my story by using an inference to clear up my knowledge of the paragraph or the story. For example, I inferred that Amy and Dan were going to get lost in the maze of bones by how their flashlight burnt out. Flashbacks The flashbacks in my story happened when Amy and Dan always went back to when their parents and Grace died. This helped me through the story by what kind of people they were and how they always had a good time with Grace. Foreshadowing The foreshadowing in my book occurs when Amy and Dan were in the maze of bones when their flashlight went out. As soon as that happened, I knew they were going to get lost because it was really dark. The Sequel Thank you for time
and listening to my prezi. Irony Irony occurs when what is expected or intended and what actually happened is a different outcome. For example in the story, the starlings were being cocky when they stole the clue from Amy and Dan. Without warning, the door blew up and they were out of the race. Conflicts - Person vs Fate: My person vs fate is when aunt Beatrice warns them that they should not enter the race because its too dangerous. Also, Nellie was bugging them to stop and go home but Amy and Dan were giving her deals. Amy and Dan's parents gave them a note before they died telling them to do the race. - Person vs Person: In the book my person vs person is that all the teams are against each other to find the treasure. - Person vs Society: My person vs society is when all the teams are breaking the law by trying to get the treasure. For example, they will beat up the security guards to find the clue.
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