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Habits of Mind

No description

Brandon Rash

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Habits of Mind

Persisting Managing Impulsivity Listening with understanding and empathy Thinking flexibly Thinking about your thinking (Metacognition) Striving for accuracy Questioning and problem posing Habits of Mind Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision Applying past knowledge to new situations Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision Gather data through all senses Creating, imagining, and innovating Responding with wonderment and awe Taking responsible risks Finding humor Thinking interdependently Remaining open to continuous learning 15 6 5 7 4 16 9 10 11 2 7 3 4 12 1 13 14 8 If you give up on something, it will
never get done. To listen and understand is important, if you
understand, you can consider your options. Think before you act, it can
be a distraction to you and to others and can result in consequences both of which are highly counter productive.. Using this is important. You
can use your background knowledge
to help you with your current problems. If ou dont use your past knowledge things are just gonna take longer for you. It is important to try your best always, show everyone what you can do! This helps you to be more knowledgeable and organized (by clearing up confusion),
which helps a lot. This is important, because
speaking with clarity and
precision helps others understand and be more productive as a group. This is really important, because
continuous learning the more you learn the more you can succeed! It is great to gather as much information as you can making observations with all your senses is highly important in several careers so get used to it now! Metacognition is also important,
because it can help you understand
your own thoughts, and get into a deeper thinking state. If you can't make something sensible, think of
it in a different way. Try different thoughts, being
flexible with your mind. Be original! Use your own thoughts. Using two mind are always better than
one. More ideas, and thoughts. Don't be afraid to try new things! Be responsible about it, though. If you don't try new things you'll never know if you're good at it. Have an open mind and be experimental. Be able to laugh at things! Even at yourself, don't always be so serious! Find the sunny side of a dark day. Have fun with solving a challenge, have a positive
outlook on learning! It makes life a little happier. By: Brandon Rash and Paislee Peyton
Period 1
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