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Video Game Violent Problem and solution

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Anthony Pernaci

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Video Game Violent Problem and solution

The way to prevent video game violence
"Move the computer and gaming stuff out of kids' room and into public spaces in the home, like the living room, so they can keep an eye on what their child is up to". (Harding)
Video games Violent effects the way teens think and act.
Video games violent includes destruction of property, robberies, killing cops, young children and mass shooting, but teens never seen how it effects the people in the game.
Evidence of Video games Violence
"Aggressive behavior was found to be a results of students thinking aggressively, which was linked to playing violent games such as those scenes of dismemberment or graphic killing. The thoughts include fantasizing about hitting someone they did not like, thinking someone who bumped into them by accident was hostile, and believing it was right for other to hit people who provoked them." (Chee)
Video games Violence Explanation
Mental state- Can change a teens mental state so they are violent toward other people.
Teens life- Can change a teen life around for the worst
Hostile Teens- Can make teen very hostile toward people that aren't to him or her.
The way to help stop Video game violence
One of many ways that parents can help prevent video game violence is to keep an eye on your teen when they play video games.
Video Game Violent Problem and Solution
Video games Violent Problem
The problem with video games violent is that the video game can change how people think and act in situation.
That is the problem and solution to video game violence
That is some of the problem and a solution to the way to prevent violent teens today.
By: Anthony Pernaci
Work cited
Harding, Anne. "Violent Video Games Link to Child Aggression." CNN. Cable News Network, 2009. Web. 05 May 2015. <http://www.cnn.com/2008/HEALTH/family/11/03/healthmag.violent.video.kids/index.html?_s=PM%3AHEALTH>.
Chee, Kenny. "Sks.sirs.com/cgi-bin/hst-article-display?id=SPL2300-0-5984&artno=0000361525&type=ART&shfilter=U&key=Video%20games&title=Violent%20Video%20Games%20Linked%20to%20Aggressive%20Thoughts%2C%20Behaviour&res=Y&ren=N&gov=N&lnk=Y&ic=N." N.p., 29 Mar. 2014. Web. 27 Apr. 2015.
Video Games Solution Explanation
Parents control- A parent should have control over what their child is playing.
Government control- The government law on the age my not be enough so the children don't play violent video games.
Place of play- A parent should have control over where their children play video game.
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