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Samsung Experience

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of PC

Smart Phone

Galaxy Note 2, 3
Galaxy Tab 3
7.0, 8.0, 10.1 and Tab Pro
Galaxy S 3, 4, 5
Galaxy Note
8.0, 10.1, 10.1 2014 and Note Pro
Samsung/Google MDM
Samsung KNOX
256bit encryption
Corporate Email, Calendar, Contacts
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Samsung/Android Tools
Smart Switch
Easily convert from another mobile platform with your home computer, or use Smart Switch mobile to go from one android device to another
Google Cloud
Android built in cloud services include
Cloud backup of 20,000 songs to google play
Photos to google + (no more alerts telling you your cloud storage is full)
Just about everything else (contacts, notes, documents, etc...)
Google play store/Samsung Apps approved by google and samsung
Apps cannot be downloaded unless developer is verified
Find my phone features are built into Samsung devices, no need to download third party apps
Remotely locate, wipe, ring, and lock!
Milk Music
Google Play

Samsung music hub
Google play Music
Amazon mp3
Platform Transfer
Many people will be transferring from Apple or other devices, here are some solutions to help ease the transition.
Download, Sync,
Cloud Comparison
As a point of sale which can be used for our customers coming from apple there are several services (already mentioned) which can replace the funtionality of iTunes match ($25 a year and 25,000 song into iCloud)
There is no shortage of options for music streaming, download, transfer and purchase on Samsung Android based devices. All of which can be used as selling , support and consumer training tools to help strengthen brand loyalty. We can cater solutions based on the needs of the customer.
For Customers who simply want to purchase music song by song
Device to device
itunes backup to device
Direct transfer to device locally
Requires customers personal computer
Google play music manager
20,000 songs for free into the cloud accessible from anywhere.
Can be pinned to device for local access
Music manager will automatically add from itunes as the library changes
There are many advantages to owning a tablet in addition to your smart phone, one of the major ones is the ability to comfortably consume visual media due to the bigger screen.
Samsung Media Hub
Google Play Movies

Streaming / Rent
Hbo go
As mentioned before Smart Switch is an option. However Samsung Kies 3 can also be used to to transfer existing content on the customers computer to their mobile devices.
Purchasing movies is great for people who need movies to be stored locally on the device for watching without an internet connection. This can also be useful for pushing the need for an sd card.
Streaming and renting are most useful for customers go through a large selection of media and often have an internet conection available to them.
We have a number of options for customers when it comes to transferring their existing videos and movies.
: Double Twist features a desktop applications which is a full featured music and video management system. Capable of auto sync from iTunes and has an air sync feature to do it wirelessly.
: The mobile app offers an excellent interface for managing your music and videos while also offering a "magic radio" feature with add free streaming.
offers similar functionality although less refined, it is capable of syncing and backing up everything on your phone for those who wish to have an addition backup stored locally on their computer. In addition Kies Air will manage your syncing wirelessly.
Google Play
music will store 20,000 of your songs into the cloud for free making it accessible from anywhere on any device.

Amazon mp3
will also allow you to store your music into the cloud and aceess it from anywhere although it will allow and unlimited number of songs it is not free like Google Play Music.
Double twist can also transfer user videos on their devices with a simple drag and drop into the desktop application. It can also manage converting those videos into mobile friendly formats
Entry Level
Native Apps
Remote viewfinder: This app is capable of extending the viewfinder and basic controls of our wifi enabled cameras to be accessible by many of our android smart phones and tablets.
Third Party Apps
: Allows you to use wireless memory cards to directly transfer your photos and videos via wifi direct without the limitation of having to be in an area with a wifi network.

Samsung Mobile Link: Gives the customer the aility to send/transfer pictures and videos from your Samsung Smart Camera to your phone via wifi and wifi direct.
Samsung Home Monitor: Connects to your phone via wifi/internet allows you to utilize your Samsung Smart Cameras as a home monitoring security device.

Color Grabber
: is a color tool that allows you to detect accurate colors from pictures or in live camera mode through the Samsung Galaxy Cameras in RGB or CMYK and export it to adobe Photoshop, illustrator, and other image editing applications for color correction
Exsate Golden Hour
: Allows photographers to calculate an appropriate shooting date and time to build a composition using the sun, moon, stars, daylight, night, season, and weather conditions at any date-time and latitude/longitude points all over the world.

Travel Lighter and More Efficiently
• Slim & Light
• Metal Chassis
Better Performance
Blazing fast Multi core processors
Select Products advanced AMD Radeon graphics
Superior Display:
Super Bright
Full HD (Select Modules)
Battery Longevity
1500 (Li-Poly) charge cycles
Premium Apps
One of the coolest things we have ever done!

Connect your Samsung phone to your ATIV Mobile PC via SideSync, and you can access all your phone’s functions via a Virtual Phone on your desktop.
You can move your mouse cursor freely between your phone and computer, all while sharing your keyboard and mouse.

Customer Benefit:
Drag and drop files onto your phone, choose files to sync, and cut and paste between the two devices, all while your phone is charging.

is PC software that allows you to share files with up to 5 of your other Samsung mobile devices.
These 5 devices can include Smartphones, Tablets, Galaxy cameras, PCs.
Non-ATIV PCs can use the web version of Samsung Link to communicate with HomeSync Lite and connect wirelessly through WiFi, 3G, LTE
The HomeSync Lite software is powered in the background by the Samsung Link and utilizes a cloud server. The server allows HomeSync Lite enabled PC's to find your mobile devices and transfer files between them. Nothing is stored in the server, it only connects the devices together and transfers files
Galaxy Tabs
Much like our Smart phones our tablets have a number of unique features which set us apart from the competition.
Expandable memory
Infrared blaster with watch-on or peel
USB storage via USB adapter
Galaxy Note
Our Galaxy Note series has everything the power user or business professional would need to work hard and play hard
Pressure sensitive so graphic designers can use it with Photoshop touch or Autodesk
Handwriting to text recognition
Multi-window support, TRUE multi-tasking at its best
Mobile link
Email capability
Remote viewfinder
All share play
Our entry level cameras offer great picture quality while also having added features as standard which set us apart.
In addition to offering all the features of entry level cameras, Our high end cameras offer an unmatched feature set for the photo enthusiast to the semi professional.
Galaxy cameras feature the full android operating system and access to the play store
NX series cameras feature interchangeable lenses with over 18 lenses to choose from
NX series are capable of shooting 3D videos and pictures
A standard hot shoe for camera attachments
Android Now
In 2013 Android held over 80% of global smart phone sales and in the 4th quarter overtook Apple as the number one handset operating system in the United States (Samsung)
Google Sync
Similar to iCloud, Android is capable of backing up much of your information to your Google account. This information can be accessed in the "accounts and sync" menu.
What, Why, How
Open Sourced
: In production and development, open source as a development model promotes a) universal access via free license to a product's design or blueprint, and b) universal redistribution of that design or blueprint, including subsequent improvements to it by anyone.
A visual history of Android
4.4 and up
Android can natively sync the following information to the cloud:
Calendar, Contacts, Gmail
Chrome web browser
Google Drive (15gb free)
Music (20,000 uploads free)
Photos (20,000 free in full res 2048px, Unlimited otherwise)
Current Versions
Samsung Link
Streaming services are useful for customers who prefer to always have any song or album at their fingertips but have no interest in owning the actual music.
Samsung Link is an app that connects all devices and storage services in one place for integrated search and playback. Users can register their device such as a PC, smartphone, or tablet to the same account, and watch videos, listen to music, or share photos or documents on their device remotely. Content on storage services such as Dropbox, SugarSync (will be discontinued from 7 Mar 2014), or Skydrive can be also downloaded or streamed.
Analyze and Identify
To successfully resolve problems we need to accurately assess the problem in the eyes of the customer.
We can always resolve customer complaints if you remain patient and position correctly
What we can do
Aside from being sales support having Samsung Consultants in the store has a number of other advantages.
Operating System
3rd Party
User Error

Know what you can and cannot do.
Be clear with the customer and don't make promises you cant keep.
Be empathetic to customers frustrations.

When Geek Squad determines problems are caused by either user error or lack of understanding, you can refer them to us for consumer trainings.
We Improve the Best Buy return ratio!
We can perform updates and low level resets!
In the event a factory reset fails to resolve what appears to be a software issue, we can use SMART (Samsung Automatic Reflash Tool) to completely wipe the device and push the newest version of the OS onto the corresponding device.
On screen Walk through
Questions about troubleshooting you would like me to address???
Samsung Hardware Test *#0*#.
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