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Essential Vocabulary

No description

Serena McMillon

on 5 September 2018

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Transcript of Essential Vocabulary

Domestic vs. Foreign
- of, relating to, or derived
from another country
or nation;
not native
: foreign cars

Ex: Justin Trudeau is the current Prime Minister of Canada, our North American neighbor to our North.

Government is the form or
system of rule
by which a nation, state, county or city is regulated.

Ex: The US government is a
, which means we have the
right to vote

for representatives
who directly, or indirectly, make important decisions for people in our country.

*We do not vote on judges in
federal courts. They are appointed.

is the science that deals with goods and services, or the
financial standing of a society

Ex: In the 2018 midterm elections, US economic issues have been largely focused on
job creation
managing student debt
Urban vs. Rural
: of, relating to, or
designating a city
or town

If you live in
, you live in an urban city. If you live just outside of Austin, that is considered the suburbs. (Kyle, Buda, etc)
: of, relating to, or involving the state or its government

Ex: Senator Cruz (Tx, R) and Representative O' Rourke (Tx, D) are both seeking more national political power by running for senator of Texas.
making or enacting laws
; a law or body of laws enacted;

Ex: In the 2018 midterm elections, immigration laws have been an ongoing current events issue.
Democrat (liberal) vs. Republican (conservative)
focus on the political, or
social, equality
of all people.

Prison reform
is an important issue to most Democrats.
Fly Swatter Bingo!
*Match the picture to its term.
Essential Vocabulary
11th US History 1877 - Present
- of, or relating to,
one's own particular country
as apart from other countries: domestic affairs

Ex: The 2018 midterm election is a current domestic and political focus.

of, relating to, or characteristic of the
country, country life, or country people

Some Americans live on farms which are usually in rural areas.

The elephant represents the Republican political party and the donkey represents the Democrat political party.
relating to
people, or society in general;
(religion, language, art, music, food, etc);
way of life
of a particular group of people at a particular time

Ex: American culture is known for playing basketball, celebrating Thanksgiving, and pop icons such as Cardi B.
Bills are ideas for laws presented to state or national Congress, the Legislative (law making) branch of government.
focus on upholding (conserving)
traditional American values

Immigration reform
is an important issue to most Republicans.
Warm-Up: Foundations Academic Vocabulary
Directions: Using a provided note card, write a sentence using 2-3 of the words below -

Domestic, Foreign, Government, Economics, Urban, Rural, Political, Social, Legislation, Democrat (liberal), or Republican (conservative)

Think-Write - Pair-Share your sentence with your table group and be prepared to share one with the class.
Limited Government
The government's power is limited so that government leaders are not above the law.
Checks & Balances
The three branches have overlapping responsibilities. In other words, their separate powers enable them to check each other's power with their own. Write one example down that includes all 3 branches.
Federalism Example:
Some states allow 'death with dignity'. Here is one person's story. Where did Brittany move to make what she felt was her choice? Does Texas allow this?
Popular Sovereignty or Individualism?
Four Corners: 'We the people' should support each other and our country over our individual needs. (*answer on a note card first)
Partner Vocabulary Review
Teacher will model one round with a student or co-teacher. Use the term liberal as an example.

Pick one partner
Stand back-to-back (one facing front and one facing back)
Round 1: Person facing the front has the person facing the back guess half the terms.
Round 2: Switch who is facing front/back.
Finish the other half of the terms.
Vocabulary Terms:

Round 1 -
Limited Government
Popular Sovereignty

Round 2 -
Separation of Powers
Checks & Balances

Popular Sovereignty means the government is created by and subject to the will of the people. Think: What are the first three words to the U.S. Constitution?
Federalism is the
sharing of power
between the nation and the states.
This is why some states legalize things
other states do not. (Marijuana, etc)
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