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Arisha Haque and Ryan Vega

Tibor Rubin and Mary Edwards Walker

lib hist

on 14 September 2017

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Transcript of Arisha Haque and Ryan Vega

The Medal of Honor is the most highest and prestigious award an American can win. It is given to the soldiers whom have shown the following characteristics:
Mary Edwards Walker
Walker was born on November 26, 1832. She listed herself in the army in the Civil war era to help the soldiers that were wounded by preforming surgical operations on them. In other words she was the "combat medic". But in 1864, she was taken as a prisoner of war by the Confederates. This showed her the hardships of prisoners and she later dedicated herself to help female prisoners, when she was let out. Furthermore, she dedicated herself to help more wounded soldiers in the army rather than treating her own. I think she was really brave because she dedicated to help other people, instead of herself.
Tibor Rubin
The Medal of Honor Recipients
Both Mary Edwards Walker and Tibor Rubin have listed themselves to the military
Both of them were in the army
They both saved at least one person
They were both taken as prisoner of war
They both showed courage to save their country's people
Tibor Rubin was a Jew and Mary Edwards Walker, a Methodist
Walker worked as a combat medic, while Tibor Rubin was fighting in the army
Mary Edwards Walker fought in the Civil War and Rubin fought in the Korean war
Tibor Rubin had to be nominated 4 times before getting the award, while Mary got it at once
Tibor Rubin was born on June 18, 1929, while Walker was born on November 26, 1832
Tibor Rubin was not originally American. In fact, he was taken by the Nazi's asa a child because he was a Hungarian Jew. Later the United States released him and he was grateful. So grateful, that he listed himself into the 1952 Korean War. He killed a number of Korean troupes and won the Medal of Honor in September 23, 2005. Ryan thinks that he was amazing because he was like a "super soldier" when he completed impossible objectives that his sergeant was trying to use to kill him.
In conclusion, Medal of Honor recipients are very honorable and dedicated. They should always be acknowledged and celebrated.
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