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Articles of Confederation

Explanation of the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation which led to Shay's Rebellion and, eventually, the U.S. Constitution

Nancy Dunlap

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Articles of Confederation

What made the Americans afraid of a powerful federal government? A. British taxation without representation
B. The Quartering Act
C. Search and siezure
D. All of the above The new country needed a way to govern itself after the Declaration of Independence was signed BUT Governed the United States from Problems with the Articles of Confederation Living with the Articles One of the major problems was that since the federal government could not tax, they could not collect money, even to pay the soldiers who had fought in the Revolutionary War. Shay's Rebellion That's what Daniel Shays did, in Massachusetts in 1787. America's First Constitution Articles of Confederation 1777 (after the start of the ____________ War) to 1789 (when the Constitution we still use today took effect) the new Americans were afraid! What do you think they were afraid of?

A. Having a weak government
B. Giving too much power to the government
C. They wouldn't be able to find anyone to run for office
D. White men held all the power So let's look at what the founding fathers had in mind when they crafted the Articles of Confederation So, they deliberately built a very weak federal government! Remember, the federal government is in charge of the whole country, and state governments have power in each state. So, they were determined to keep the states and the people strong and the federal government weak What powers would you deny a government to keep it weak? Meanwhile, the economy was bad and soldiers had no money to pay the taxes the states were collecting. Can you imagine how angry they must have been? The federal government was unable to pay them what they were owed, and the state governments were demanding taxes they couldn't pay. What would you do? Daniel Shays was a farmer who had risen from private to captain during the war. Now he was about to lose his farm to foreclosure, so he gathered together other unhappy farmers, many of them also former soldiers, and they attacked a federal arsenal. Who was the president during and directly after the Revolutionary War? A. Abraham Lincoln
B. John Adams
C. George Washington
D. Nobody The federal government was incapable of responding adequately, and the state militia had to step in to help. The End Result . . . Shay's Rebellion scared people. They realized the federal government was too weak to keep them safe. They saw that they needed a government with a leader, and they needed a court system to make the right decisions They understood that the federal government had to have some power if it was to be of any use at all. They decided to meet and discuss how to repair the Articles of Convention. Few of them realized that would prove to be impossible and they would end up starting over, instead. We will discuss the Constitutional Convention at our next Class Connect. Which one of these weaknesses do you think hurt the most?
A. No money from taxes
B. No president to lead
C. No ability to regulate commerce between states and trade with other countries
D. No court system to decide state disputes Which war started in 1775?
A. Civil
B. Vietnam
C. Revolutionary
D. World War I What is a Constitution?
A. The fundamental principles on which a nation is governed
B. A declaration claiming independence
C. The court system
D. The president Which of the following is something the founding fathers did NOT learn from the Articles of Confederation?
A. They needed a president
B. They needed a court system
C. They needed stronger state governments
D. They needed a way to collect federal taxes What is an arsenal?
A. A garage for airplanes
B. A mess hall where soldiers could eat
C. A bank
D. A place to keep weapons and ammunition secure Asking the state militia to control a situation because the federal government is incapable is like asking the Highway Patrol to step in because the __________ has failed. If you are watching the recording: K-mail back five facts you now know about the Articles of Confederation.
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