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Stage Directions - A Streetcar Named Desire

No description

Kate Dukes

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Stage Directions - A Streetcar Named Desire

-Mitch's tone of voice, speech, and movements display his feelings for Blanche, not his words.
-When he first meets Blanche
-When he is on the pier with Blanche Blanche DuBois -Her mental problems are displayed primarily through her motions and her tone of voice.
-The audience doesn't realize
the severity of her insanity
until they see it and hear it.
-The use of light also helps display Blanche's character
EX: When Stanley and Stella leave, the description of her in the chair and when Stanley takes the love letters. Stage Directions The stage directions in A Streetcar Named Desire are vital in conveying the story to the audience/reader. Without the explanations of the way things are said and how people move, the reader could not understand what is actually happening in the story. Tennessee Williams wrote such elaborate stage directions to be followed exactly, which is part of the reason this play is famous. The directions affect all aspects of a story. Stanley Kowalski -Learn about his character in the first scene when enters with the red stained package and bowling jacket. This shows he is primitive and tribal.
-The audience discovers his anger tendencies by his outbursts the night of the poker game and when Stella tells him to clear the table. Stella DuBois -The audience is informed of Stella going into labor only by her actions
-Realize her love for Stanley by the way she constantly throws herself on him.
-Learn that she is actually truly happy. Setting/Music -Most Important part: audience can see all of the rooms at once, contributes to the story line.
EX: Blanche calls Stanley "common"
-use of claustrophobia
-Music foreshadows what is about to happen or sets the mood for a scene.
EX: The Varsouviana is played when Blanche is having one of insane episodes. By: Kate Dukes, Lauren Grenader,
Caroline Funderburk, Jenny Cale A Streetcar Named Desire Harold Mitchell - "Mitch"
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