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Effects of Continental Drift

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Joseph Gilliland

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Effects of Continental Drift

Effects of Continental Drift
Effects of Continental Drift
Modern climates are a result of past movements of tectonic plates.
A continents climates is also affected by the continents location in relation to oceans and other continents.
Mountains ranges affect air flow and wind patterns around the globe.
Changes in life
As continental drift continues organisms will be spread to different pats of the global.When this happens certain species will adapt to evolve to its new location. In a case with some species they have to stay isolated to survive.
Final Destination
Changes in climate
Earth's continental surface once was covered mostly by ice. This ice sheet formed nearly 450 years ago when all continents fit together like a puzzle in the south pole. Much of the ice sheet melted when the continents drifted apart with different climate changes. this is what caused most of the ice sheets to melt.
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