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Plastic Bags

Persuasion Final Presentation

Rickey Harvey

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Plastic Bags

Bring Your Own Bag Patricia Schiotis
Rickey Harvey
Jacob Sachs
Matthew Burkell Plan of Action Replace, not Recycle! Main issue: Recycling NOT effective
Enormous waste
One trillion. Every year.
China. 1.3 Billion people, 3 Billion bags/day
U.S. 100 Billion bags-
-Retail Costs = $4 Billion/year Average US Family = 15 Bags/Trip
0.5 – 3% Recycling Rate (BBC, CNN)
China (3% proposed) = 90,000,000 trash/day
Toxicity even after broken down
-Best: 20 years
-Worst: 1000+ Years
Not the “greenest” after all Precedents in Place September 2012 San Francisco Superior Court
-Ban retail locations from paper, 10 cents/bag-Encourage customers to use reusable bags
-$500 violation for stores flouting the ban (Huffington Post)

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera said in a statement: -"I applaud Judge Jackson for her careful consideration of the issues, and for rejecting arguments by plastic bag manufacturers that clearly misapplied state law...." Think Big, Start Big! Successful Approach: Big market retailer
-Could create ripple effect
-Store to approach: Wegmans
Impression Management Theory
-Other competitors would likely follow suit
-Attempt to project as strong of a positive self image
-Credibility improvement Timeline for Rollout (4 Stages) June 2013: Wegmans begins charging 5 cents for plastic/paper bag use (per bag)
August 2013: Plastic bags completely removed from Wegmans. Paper bag fee is now 10 cents
October 2013: Limited paper bags available for fee of 10 cents. Limit 5 paper bags/customer.
December 2013: All bags removed from store. Customers are responsible to BYOB.
Throughout Timeline: Customer savings for providing their own bags (See Theory of Planned Behaviors) Theory of Planned Behaviors

-Internal Factors: Small fee on paper bags throughout rollout, encourage people to BYOB

-Customers save 5 cents/bag for each reusable bag they bring in and save 2 cents/bag for a paper or plastic bag during this six month rollout. Store of Choice Why Wegmans?

Social Impact Theory
-Start Big Big Impact
Impression Management Theory
-Managing impressions by doing the “right” things
Social Comparison Theory
-Learning about ourselves through others Promoting our Campaign Communication Accommodation Theory
-Adjusting our style of communication to reach out to consumers
Rewarding consumers for bringing bags Danger Control Focusing on the solution, not the problem

By triggering danger control in consumers, consumers will take positive, constructive steps to avoid the proposed harm.
-Perceived efficacy
Response efficacy
Self-efficacy How to Ban Plastic Bags Why Ban Plastic Bags Question & Answer Question 1: How long does a plastic shopping take to decompose? Answer 1: A plastic shopping bag can take anywhere from 15 to 1000 years to decompose. Question 2: What percentage of plastic shopping bags are recycled each year? Answer 2: According to the Wall Street Journal, only 1% of plastic bags are recycled world-wide each year.

Research also shows that only 20% of paper bags are recycled yearly Question 3: How many new plastic bags are used each year? Answer 3: In the US, people use 100 billion new plastic bags per year, average person goes through 350 and 500. Question 4: The petroleum used to make 1 plastic bag can power a car to travel how many meters? Answer 4: Plastic bags are made from polyethylene, which is a petroleum product.  The amount of petroleum used to make 1 plastic bag can drive a car about 11 meters Question 5: How much more energy is required to produce 1 paper bag in comparison to 2 plastic bag? It requires 13% more energy to produce one paper bag than to produce 2 plastic bags.

Also, The US cuts down 14 million trees per year to supply the demand for paper shopping bags Answer 5 Question 6: In comparison to plastic bags, what is the lifespan of a reusable bag? Answer 6: The average reusable bag has the lifespan of over 700 hundred plastic bags. Less Plastic = More (less expensive) Gas! *The United States uses 100 billion bags/year.

*The amount of petroleum used to make 1 bag would drive a car about 11 meters.

100 billion bags
653,508,311 miles in a car Motivational Appeals Appeal to Guilt!
-Give company ownership of responsibility for change

Appeal to Pride!
-Discuss how this change can enhance the companies sense of pride in being cutting edge/ practicing sustainability.

Appeal to Fear!
-Show how harm done can be blamed on company and ruin future sales. Appeal to Dimensions of Compliance Gaining Personal Benefits:
*Positive consumer outlook
*Cash Savings ($4 Billion)
*Cash Earnings Consequences:
*Consumers see business as
*Potential flooding due to
backed up storm drains Why ban plastic bags? Plastic bags are light, and can blow in the wind. They fly into trees and into wildlife habitat. Animals can consume these plastics. Plastic bags are a deadly killer to wildlife. Over 100,000 marine animals are killed each year from plastic bags. Sea turtles, water birds, and other creatures mistake them for food or become entangled in them. In some parts of the ocean, there are six pounds of plastic for every pound of plankton. Demonstrating forms of power through ads -Expert Power - Environmentalist
-Legitimate Power – Wegmans CEO
-Referent Power - Celebrities
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