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Types of Conflicts

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Junior Lewis

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Types of Conflicts

Conflicts in Literature

Man VS Nature
This type of conflict exists when a character faces a natural occurring obstacle such as being unable to lift a rock or not being able to run fast enough.
Man Vs. Society
Man VS Self
This type of conflict occurs when a character has internal conflict.
Man VS Man
This type of conflict relates one character of a reading to another character

Types of Conflicts in Literature
* Man VS Man
* Man VS Self
* Man VS Society
* Man VS nature
* Man VS Supernatural
* Man VS Technology
The most common type is the protagonist VS the antagonist.
One example of this type of conflict in "Speak" is the conflict between Melinda and Rachel.
A conflict is a problem or struggle between opposing forces. In many stories and in real life, they can face many types of conflicts.
This type of conflict occurs when a character feels like an outcast and is not accepted by society
In "Speak", Melinda feels like she is an outcast with no social class to aspire to.
They may be unsure of their thoughts and choices and may have reduced self esteem.
In"Speak", Melinda enters a state of confusion and hopelessness. She becomes depressed at one point.
Man VS Supernatural
Man VS Supernatural occurs when a character is being faced with an unknown being or figure such as a ghost or an alien.
Man VS Technology
Man VS Technology is a type if conflict in which a character experiences difficulties with technological devices.
Readings where a character has found himself fighting against computers are great examples of this type of conflict.
Examples of Man vs. Self
Melinda is having problems concentrating in her school. She failed most of her classes during freshman year.
Melinda got daydreams of the rapist that abused her.
Examples of Man vs Man

Melinda and her friend named Heather stops being her friend because Melinda is "not" acting like herself.
Melinda and Rachel have an arguement because Melinda old Rachel hat Andy Evans actually raped her.
Example of Man vs. Society

Melinda is having hardships with interacting with students in high school.
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