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Beauty Evolving In America

No description

Emily VanEeuwen

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Beauty Evolving In America

Emily Van Eeuwen Evolution of Beauty In America What is beauty? possessing qualities
that gives pleasure to
hear, see, think about,
etc. What makes a person beautiful? 1. Body type
2. Hair style
3. Clothing
4. Cosmetics 18th Century: Birth of America's Beauty Standards
1770's Inverted cone body type
Corsets and hoop skirts reinforced formality wigs extended up to 3 ft.
decorated lavishly
Make up was thick and paint-like Victorian Era Late 1800's-Early 1990's "Modest, natural beauty, restrained, and with little to no make up" Because of the toxins in make up, emphasis was more on hygiene than anything else 1920's Roaring 20's- Women's Rebellion Breasts were bound to eliminate curves
Hair was short- bobbed, waved, or shingled Dresses ranged from knee to calf length
Cloche hats 1950's Return to Tradition Return to traditional feminine appearance
Housewives were expected to be glamorous at all times Doe eye
"Salon quality" hair
Ideal body type was an hour glass figure Sources 1960's "Working classy" Similar to the 50's in style but heavily impacted by women's movement into the professional world 1970's emphasis on hair
relaxed, masculine style
started the trend of weight loss 1990's Introducing: EVERYTHING Twigs vs. Glamazons
Growth in piercing popularity
Grunge movement: unkempt
un-styled and matted hair Present Still Figuring Ourselves Out Skinny vs. Curvy "Soft grunge" vs. "Fashion Classic" "Make-Unders" vs. "Hyper-stylized" The Future... what's in store? Beauty Cycle conservative
(1950's) stepping away, but maintaining ideals
(1960's) complete back-lash against tradition- totally new
(1970's) I Predict... Extreme modification
Structured/Architectural Fashion
Dramatic, but natural cosmetic (shadow and light) Our Perception of... http://www.thefashionspot.com/beauty/news/171133-beauty-ideals-throughout-the-ages/?slide=1 The Ideal Woman... http://news.discovery.com/history/history-beauty-120412.html History of Beauty http://www.ukhairdressers.com/history%20of%20beauty.asp History of the Ideal Body... http://www.fccfoundation.org/Library/FCCF%20Documents/FWG%20Symposium%20Content/History%20of%20Ideal%20Female%20Body%20Shape.pdf
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