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A Student's Guide to the Acceptable Use Policy-CCSD

This Prezi is the AUP for Clark County School District in NV. It has been reworded for students' ease of understanding. Some of the adult policies have been eliminated since they don't pertain to the students.

Cyndi Brinker

on 31 March 2017

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Transcript of A Student's Guide to the Acceptable Use Policy-CCSD

Acceptable Use Policy
for Students

Clark County School District
Use polite Language AT ALL TIMES!

Abusive messages are not allowed

Harassment is also NOT ALLOWED!
The network resources are provided "as is, as
Email and Chat
Who Has Access
to the Network

Illegal Activities
Resource Limits
You can be removed from
the network for breaking
the rules of the AUP
Community Members
it can be temporary or permanent
you can defend yourself to explain why it happened
After the review, you MAY get access back,
or you may have to wait a while
With your signature on the Network Access Form, you have agreed to follow the rules of the AUP
You may not bring software from
home to load onto the computer
If you are a security risk, you can be kicked
off of the network
If you suspect that someone has gotten access to your network folder, notify your computer teacher or computer technician or dean immediately!
Sending messages to a lot of people or...
Sending a lot of messages to one person
Chain Letters
These are a type of Spam
They are also not allowed
Our computer technician can limit the memory amount of your network folder...
if you save a lot of unnecessary things
in your folder
CCSD will cooperate
with the police...
or federal
if you break the law while using our network resources
Trying to get into another student's folder is not allowed
Vandalism is also
not allowed
This means to harm data or break equipment ON PURPOSE!!!
You are not allowed to
change anyone's password so they cannot get into their folder.
You must have written permission from the copyright owner before you can use their material
Viruses are not allowed
Viruses are programs that are written to damage the network or a program
We must use CCSD approved Internet browsers
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Harassment is conduct that is severe, persistent, or so pervasive that it negatively interferes with a student's education or is intimidating, hostile, or offensive.
If told to stop, the harasser must stop immediately
CCSD is not responsible if the software doesn't work all the time...if it has a bug
Opinions, advice, services and all other information supplied by non CCSD personnel is not guaranteed to be correct...check your sources
Liability is a legal term that means "who's fault is it?"
CCSD employees and adminstration will not read or share your emails without permission of both parties...
unless told to do it by CCSD or state, local or federal officials.
Email is NOT private!
Emails: read 'em then delete 'em!
If you receive inappropriate messages, tell your teacher or computer technician immediately...even if they are from a friend.
Do not reveal personal information about yourself or another person
If you get your email account canceled for misconduct, you will lose all your emails kept in that account.
If you break the rules of the AUP while emailing, chatting, or video conferencing, your access to the network resources will be terminated.
That's All Folks!
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