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TransCar Automatic Guided Vehicle

No description

Reid Powell

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of TransCar Automatic Guided Vehicle

Trans Car Automatic Guided
Vehicle What Is It? Where Is It Used? TransCar is a Automatic Guided Vehicle that is able to carry heavy items in a hospital from one place to another. People have to move these items and it takes more time. With TransCar we can move these things faster, cheaper and better. The TransCar automatic guided vehicle is mainly used in hospitals. The TransCar carries heavy burdens up to 1,000 pounds, thats half a ton. How Does it Work? TrasCar is able to move with computers they are able to draw maps of the area and draw a path for TransCar to follow. Video Of TransCar in action! TransCar Automatic Guided Vehicle How does it move? TransCar is controlled by a computer, TransCar has laser's that guide it around the hospital. Also TransCar can automatically open doors and elevators. TransCar has blinkers to tell people what direction it is going in. It is equipped with a emergency stop button. What are Advantages / Disadvantages? Advantages include being able to carry heavy objects faster, farther, and more efficient. Some disadvantages are if the computer system is down the TransCar will be unable to operate which means they will have to move the items by hand. Also the if the TransCars senors do not function the TransCar can hit someone and hurt them. Presentation Made
Reid Powell
Jack Davis
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