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No description

Lin Derz

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of fairtrade

Why is our product fair trade Our product is fair trade because we have received the fair trade certificate from the Fairtrade International (FLO) Committee.
The Fairtrade Premium is an extra payment over the market price which is paid to the exporting organization. The continuing after extra costs have been met must be spent on “social projects” for social and economic development in the producing communities, rather than being given to farmers as extra payment.
These social projects can include improving the hospital/nursery in the town. But usually the local school is upgraded.
We, the "producers", decide how these funds are to be spent. They are generally used for improvements in health, education or other social facilities, although it may also be used for certain development projects to enable farmers to improve the quality and quantityof the productivity. Why purchase fair trade? If you have the money available I recommend you always buy fair trade because when buying fair trade products you help people on the other side of the world.
Because if you spend those 40 cent extra (on average) you are contributing to improve someones life.
By buying fair trade products you eliminate child labor.
But because you spend 25% extra, the producers can find a more fair option (such as adults who will receive a normal wage). The extra money that you give will also be used for improving the community that they live in. Fair trade
Understanding what fair trade is includes understanding what it is not. Fair trade means a fair price for products. It does not mean that everyone who produces a product receives the same wage all around the world. It means a worker receives a price on their goods that allows them to make a decent living in their community. The prices cover the cost of production and enough profit to produce a living wage for the person and their family. It is not a charity give-away that offers something for nothing. The person must produce the goods as directed. They sell them to traders that pay them a fair trade price. Why is our product fair trade- 2 The Fairtrade Minimum Price is a guaranteed price to be paid for when the world prices collapse.
This is incase if the market will somehow crash, the people in the LEDC's will still receive a minimum
Again, it would usually be spent on “social projects” rather than going to the farmers. Target Group chocolate lovers
basically everyone
70% of all consumers (people which buy fair trade kit kat) are in the age group 7-25.
Aim The aim of this presentation was to improve your knowledge about fair trade in general. This includes define fair trade, why you should buy our product, explain why our product is fairtrade and some general knowledge about KitKat. presented to you by
your favourite people Fair trade Kit Kat Definition Fair Trade Kit Kat 79% worldwide
first chocolate brand to receive fair trade certificate Lin & Sponshoer Thank You For Listening, I hope you've enjoyed our presentation.
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