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No description

Brianna Zukowski

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of Germany

50 North, 10 East
German Food
Berlin is the largest city with three million people
Potato Pancakes
Apple Strudel
Interesting Factoids About Germany
Germany is the 5th largest country in Europe
About 2/3 of their population are Christian
Germany Was once a small cluster of small kingdoms, duchies, and principalities
Germany shares a border with 9 other countries
Government and Economy

Germany is known to have the Federal Republic
In Germany many people take buses, cars, trains, ferries, and planes
Ports of Duisburg-Ruhrort is the largest inland port in Europe
There are 25 sea ports and 38 airports in Germany
Germany is a country in Europe
Germany has a social market economy
The Federal Chancellor is the only member of the Federal Government to be elected
The Federal government is divided into three main branches:the Legislative,the Judicial, and the Executive
Animals like Rabbits, deer, and wild boar live in the Black Forest
Germany recycles 48% of its waste leaving it third in recycling
The Northern German coast has over 20,000 turbines
There are nearly 700 zoological gardens, bird parks, animal reserves, and wildlife parks
The world's first airline was founded in Frankfurt, Germany
There is a total of 41,981 km of railroad tracks
It is the world's largest funfair
Gummy bears were invented in Germany
Easter Is celebrated all through out Germany
Population: 80.62 million People
German Language
and Christmas
95 percent of the population speaks German
Germans have a high priority on structure, privacy and punctuality
About 24 million people
are Catholic
German people embrace the values of thriftiness
Muslims make up 3.7 percent
of the population
28.2 percent are unaffiliated or
Long periods of snow or frost
is rare, and it rains through out
the year
Thanks For Watching
Brought To You By: Brianna Zukowski
This project is worth 1,000
(Germans use Euros for money)
The area of Germany Is 134,838 square miles
Germany's major rivers are the Rhine, Elbe, Main, and Danube rivers
Oh and Krista Reichenberger
Oh and Krista Reichenberger
The seven major regions are:
Northeast German Plain
Northwest German Plain
Western Central Uplands
Alpine Forelands
Eastern Central Uplands
Baltic Sea
Baltic sea
South German Scarpland
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