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FDA vs. McDonalds

Regulations of the FDA that should be reinstated

Daniel Shin

on 8 February 2011

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Transcript of FDA vs. McDonalds

FDA vs. McDonalds The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should regulate McDonalds for nutritional value and amount of harmfuls chemicals. Chapter 1: The Birth of McDonalds Back Then The meat from the burgers back then came from a single
cow, the chicken McNuggets from one chicken. The Food We Eat Today Beef Today contains material
from over 100 cows Chicken McNuggets contain less than
10 % chicken in them, and many chemicals
put in to make it taste like chicken Chapter 11 : Health Risk McDonalds use genetically modified food The food is generally bigger and cheaper as well as easier to manufacture These foods have minimal nutritional value as well as possible risks The meat have been treated with many perservatives, genetically altering it to something that doesn't have the properties of regular meat The health risks are many, they range from badly treated meat causing Escherichia coli... ...to Salmonella and Hepatitis A on vegetables Not to mention, eating foods with extremely high sodium and fat content without any nutritional value is basically poisoning your body over time The point is... STOP The FDA should help prevent these possible health risks Which leads to... Chapter 111: FDA regulations The FDA should help prevent these possible health risks The FDA should help prevent these health risks Which leads to... You would think that the FDA is doing a pretty good job... However, this is far from the truth Let's take a trip into the FDA's dark side...
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