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Career Action Plan

No description

Nick Dwornik

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Career Action Plan

Career Action Plan
By: Nick Dwornik
Career of Choice: Software Engineer and Designer
Personal Profile
Occupational Information

High Five
Personality Traits
Learning Styles/Intelligence

Definition of Success
Educational Opportunities
Extra-Curricular Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities
Employment Opportunities
A Potential Barrier/Solution
Occupation of Interest
Labour Market Influences
My Future
- I've been known for my superior skills when working with numbers.
- I'm easily able to pick up as team leader when I know the task at hand and my crew seems to be struggling.
- I'm easily able to work with most people without knowing their background.
- I'm able to adapt to any new changes in life with almost little to no downfall.
- I can quickly solve most simple and some complex problems without even having to go into much detail to do so.
- I'm able to complete the tasks at hand and do so effectively.
- I'm able to work very well under pressure.
- I'm able to negotiate with others when something is to go wrong.
- I am a personal fan of solving difficult numerical problems.
- I like to use computers often for social and work use.
- I like to play video games and understand different genres of video games.
- I like to use mobile electronics and use apps for everyday use.
- I like to obtain high marks on various tests.
- I like to interact with friends at a social, a team, and a business level.
- I like to take on new and unique tasks I've never done before and learn along the way.
- I like to learn new ways to do things in everyday life that are much easier than previous tactics used.
- I never leave a task incomplete.
- I will always do every task to the best of my ability.
- I will always help people in my group whenever they are to fall behind.
- I will never give up on a task, no matter what amount of pressure of problems are to occur.
- If there is a problem that occurs, I see if I'm able to fix the problem before I ask anyone for help.
" If you feel proud on an idea or project after putting a lot of time into it, then you know you've done a good job."
For my Career Action Plan, my personality will be a big factor here. I'm a person that's not afraid to get up in somebody's face and tell them what has to be done. I will make sure that my point gets across for what has to get done in order for any programming process to be fixed. My leading personality will come into a big factor as I will be able to make sure that the people that I could potentially be with when programming a certain section are in good shape and aren't running into problems, and hopefully then could do the same for myself. Then again, I can be very calm and quiet, which will allow me to work through just about anything at a quick and constant pace.
I seem to learn a lot easier when somebody shows me directly how to do a task. It really helps when I see the physical aspects of doing a task, which later on prevents me from ever being confused otherwise. However, it does help to know how to do the task by reading a textbook as I will know where to refer to also if something is to go wrong even after seeing it physically. This effect my Career Action Plan as it shows that I'm ore than capable of learning any new task by multiple ways, and perform the task at a good manner.
Change is Constant:
- Most jobs are being taken over by robots.
- It's a lot harder to find jobs in modern day life
- Most jobs are being sent to other countries as it's cheaper for companies to do this. (Less labour laws.)
Learning is Ongoing:
- I'm able to receive a lot of information about computers in general by my father.
- The Internet has become a very useful tool in order to find more information about my dream job.
Follow Your Heart:
- I love to start new and unique tasks and learn along the way.
- I always want to be apart of the team and express my opinion of subject and decisions.
Focus on the Journey:
- I need to bring loved ones so I'm never alone and there will be someone to care for me when I need help.
- I'd bring a mobile device just to know that technology will always be on my side.
Access Your Allies:
- My parents
- My boss
- My teachers
- My co-workers

I have been currently been taking all Academic courses including Science and Math. I've also taken a business course to learn the basics of computers. Moving forward in my high school life, I will be taking all math courses throughout the years, including both Grade 12 Advanced Functions and Grade 12 Calculus. I will also be taking all science courses throughout the years, including Grade 12 Chemistry and Biology. To round it out, I plan on many more business and computer science courses.
In the near future, I want to get into computer programming based clubs and communities whether they're in the public or all done online. This will help me learn significant information about computers, coding, and software. All of which are very key for my workforce of choice.
For the past 2 years, I've been volunteering for the Thomas the Tank Engine: The Go Go Thomas Tour. My jobs varied from watching the kids on the inflatables, selling balloons, and at one point I was the Team Leader. This volunteering has really improved my capability of working as a team, being a team leader, and assisting others when they need help,
One of the really important things I need to learn to take control of is my attention span. I believe myself to be one of the biggest procrastinators the world has ever seen and it's really putting a major effect on my sleeping schedule, and it's also preventing me from producing a good product for projects. An idea I have to prevent myself from procrastinating is to get every task done as fast as possible, even when I'm not in the mood to work on them. As long as I can get them done, I don't care what's the cause, I will get each and every task complete.
For the past two months, I've been working at McDonald's, primarily working in the kitchen. My tasks including making and preparing food. This job has strongly taught me about teamwork, relying on others to help you when struggling, respect, and being a team leader.
At Age 25:
I want to be able to move into my own apartment and maintain a steady job, hopefully my dream job or something closely based on my dream job.
At Age 45:
I want to be happy working at my dream job with a beautiful house and a beautiful family. At this point, I should have no debt what so ever in any way, shape, or form.
At Age 65:
I want to be able to retire happy without any debt issues that arise as there will be a large cash flow stocked up thanks to my dream job.

Occupation: Software Engineer and Designer
NOC Code: 2173
Daily Tasks:
- Document user requirements and develop logical specifications.
- Research, evaluate, and synthesize technical information to design.
- Plan, design, and co-ordinate development and operations of computer-based systems.
Average Salary: $80, 599.00
Salary Range: $75, 000.00- $90, 000.00
Working Condition: 40hrs./Week, Usually run longer when reaching deadlines.
Education: Bachelor Degree in:
- Computer Science
- Computer Systems Engineering
- Software Engineering
- Mathematics
Promotion: Yes
Related Jobs:
- Computer Software Engineer
- Software Designer
- Software Engineer
-Technical Architect: Software
- Great Money
- Get to work with computers all day
- Mental-based job
- High amounts of hours
- Can be very stressful, especially when deadlines come up
- Risk of injury such as eye strain
Additional info:
-This job happens to be one of the most high paying jobs in Canada.

The number of jobs in this area of work is slowly decreasing as more and more people lean more towards technology each and every single day. However, at this current point, it's not too difficult to land a job as a software engineer. This occupation of work is soon enough going to be very difficult to get into over the next few years as many are wanting to develop their own software and their own games. With this however, they end up making some more jobs thanks to mobile entrepreneurs wanting software. I believe in order to get far in this industry, you must be good at just about everything. Being capable to multi-task and taking on multiple roles for software is what will end up getting you farther.
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