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No description

Layla DG

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of ZAMZAR

What is Zamzar ?
Zamzar is a tool used to convert different types of files ( such as music, videos, documents, images, CAD, zip files ...) into a different type of file.
How many people use Zamzar ?
440.7 K have used Zamzar during August 2013 , in the US .
How does it work ?
What kind of conversions does Zamzar offers ?
Zamzar has hundreds of conversions that are offered freely. The main Conversion include: mp3,mp4, Apple devices, DVD, itunes, Xbox, etc...

Is Zamzar free ?
Basic ;
Maximum file size: 200 MB
Online Storage: 5 MB
Email support response time: 3 days
$7/Month membership
Pro :
Maximum file size: 400 MB
Online Storage: 20 GB
Email support response time: 2 days
No Ads
$16/Month membership
Free :
No online storage
Sends you the file by email
Email support response time: 3-4 days
No membership required
By Layla Di Giacomo & Michelle Daigneault
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