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Trouble in the Subway

No description

Yohan De Silva

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of Trouble in the Subway

from Does This School Have Capital Punishment by Nat Hentoff Trouble In The Subway Your home work will be to
answer all questions and
do a character sketch of Sam and Officer Felipe Cruz.
Should be Completed by Tuesday!

Submission Day For evry week is WEDNESDAY! Sam doesn't usually find himself in trouble with the authorities, however, today doesn't seem to be his lucky day. It's pouring outside and he gets his books wet because he forgets to close his knapsack. Having forgotten where he put his subway pass, he puts his knapsack down to search for it. When he finally remembers that he had put the subway pass in his shoe for safe keeping in case he got mugged at the subway stop that was still new to him, he picks up his bag, the wrong side up, resulting in all his books going sliding down the stairs!

Sam now has the undivided attention of the transit officer on duty, Felipe Cruz. He is questioned about his subway pass and is asked to appear in court when he is pointed out as being double delinquent for using a pass which is not his and which also no longer valid. Sam is not able to get out of this fix that he is in and has no choice but to appear in court for the Judge to review his case and decide the penalty.

To top it all off, when Sam tries to pull out some money for the ride home, he realizes he has not got any money and the only sympathy he gets from Office Cruz, is to jog all the way home, over 72 blocks in the rain!! A summary: Q.1) Why were the Burr Academy student 'rushing'?

Lets have a feeew Q&A's....
and see how much you people know! Q.7)Why didn't the woman in the change booth rake the time to examine each student's pass?
A few more Q's.... Pg 37 in you workbook yarr! Main Characters In the Story: Here's a recap of what we read Sam and Officer Felipe Cruz
AKA Officer Cruz Hands Up! Q.2) Why didn't the woman in the change booth take the time to examine each student's pass?
Q.3) Why did the transit Officer Felipe Cruz make spot checks of the swit students? Q.4) Where did Sam finally find his subway pass and why had he hidden it? Q.5) What made Sam angry at the top of the stairs?
Q.6) How did Sam in the flesh differ from the Sam in the identification picture that Officer Cruz was looking at? Q.8) Explain how an accident to Sam's books led to his encounter with Officer Cruz.
Q.9) Why is 'invaded' a better word to use than 'entered' Q.10) In what way was Cruz critical in Sam's school Q.11) What was the problem with Sam's pass? Q.12) What official looking form did Officer Cruz begin to fill out? Q.13)What did this form require Sam to do so?
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