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The WE Alliance

A New Kind of Action Network for Women's Empowerment

Evolutionize It

on 20 June 2011

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Transcript of The WE Alliance

The WE Alliance A new kind of global action network,
for innovation in Women's Empowerment Launch Workshop - Ashoka Changemaker's Campus - 20 June 2011 Why? Who? What? How? Who? What? How? Why? Innovators in the Women's Empowerment space A trust based network that nurtures collaboration Member defined - what can we do together to effect a cascade of WE innovation A new kind of global action network Acceleration toward Millenium Development Goals STOP the
B.S.! Who? How? What? Why? When? What now? The real why for innovation in Women's Empowerment Today's agenda What
now? WE Alliance WE Alliance WE Alliance WE Alliance WE Alliance WE Alliance WE Alliance WE Alliance - Social Entrepreneurs for WE - Innovators & leaders in CSR for WE - Events & networks connecting the WE space - People & organizations investing in WE Who else should be here?
What profiles should we seek?
Whom/how do we choose to invite? Help define the
ideal community
of collaborators To
discuss To do
today: Size impacts effectiveness
Reputation impacts influence
Personal connection impacts activity To
consider "Understanding the power of changemaker networks" TUES 15:30-17:00 Will include WE Alliance
Case Study - Cross-dimensional group of WE innovators
- Useful collaborative tools, projects, gatherings
- Personal/professional support & resource sharing
- Coordination and capture of our collective impact To do
today: Dare to dream
about what WE
can achieve
together Mosaic of impact objectives
Broader objectives we can dream of
Where is cooperation doable AND useful? To
discuss Internal working effectiveness
External communications influence
Personal relevance impacts network activity To
consider What professional / personal value should the
WE Alliance offer, to make it hugely worthwhile to YOU?
What impact might you achieve with others, that you know you can't do alone? When? "Innovators in
the WE space" "Member defined
objectives, tools & activities" To do
today: Identify the value
YOU can add to
building the
alliance "A trust based network
that nurtures collaboration" Draft Charter Agreement
2 - 5 year development dream
Financing & operational requirements To
discuss Collaborative Financing models
Independent coordination structure
Assess and start with existing resources To
consider - Face-to-face meetings at relevant events
- Online collabo-tools & joint online presence
- Membership filters, categories, requirements, benefits
- Co-branding, co-financing and collaborative governance Which RESOURCES
are in the room right now?
What kind of ROLES do we each hope to play? Changemaking Alliances Track "Acceleration toward
Millenium Development Goals" - Nurture, amplify & enrich the work of WE innovators
- Collaborate across silos for scaling innovative approaches
- Find personal & professional support from like-hearted friends
- Organize ourselves for getting the WE job DONE (Stop the B.S.! ) To do
today: Get clear around
what's in the
WE Alliance
for YOU How will we measure success?
What will ensure your participation?
What makes the alliance a worthwhile idea? To
discuss Concrete, timebound collaborations
WE can set new standards for innovation
Measure Alliance achievements toward MDGs? To
consider WE will only ever achieve joint macro-level objectives
if we engage YOUR individual micro-level action.
The alliance needs to serve us in personal ways. The WE Alliance
can help us do MORE
with our valuable time "When will I fit this
into my busy life?" To do
today: Think outside the
box about how the
WE Alliance can
help us gain
energy Multi-tasking functionality
with tailored web tools Public/private/professional/personal
ie, Facebook+Linkedin+Dropbox
all in 1 combined easy interface
with colleagues you know. Add additional purpose to events WE attend Face to face review meetings at: Ashoka Changemaker's Campus
WIN? Jump? Women's Forum?
Skoll Forum / Oxford Jam. Help define the DNA for YOUR ideal community of collaborators Dare to dream about what WE can achieve together Identify the value YOU can add to building the alliance Get clear around what's in it for YOU Think outside the box about how the alliance can increase our energy To do today: Remember! 1 2 3 4 5 Today's Schedule: 11:00 - 12:30 >> Session 1 - Daring to dream 14:00 - 15:30 >> Session 11 - Consultation with other Fellows 16:00 - 17:30 >> Session 111 - Drafting a Charter: Who, What, How, Why Tuesday: Wednesday: 12:30 -14:00 >> WE Cluster lunch 15:00-14:30 >> Alliances Track >> Exploring Pathways >>
Understanding the Power of Changemaker Networks (WE Alliance case study) Room
H305 Room
H208 12:30 -13:15 >> WE Cluster networking session 11:00-12:30 >> Skills Track >> Mapping the Future >>
Tapping into the Feminine to Achieve Sustainability Room
H304 Changemaker's
Village 12:30 - 14:00 >> Ashoka's 30th Birthday Lunch Please
take note of
these related
sessions Christina Jordan - Founding Collaborator, Evolutionize It, Belgium - Ashoka Fellow (E. Africa) 2001 Christina Jordan KEY
changemaking via a
range of international
systems designed to coordinate and facilitate social
change UCLA Linguistics-> UNCTAD project mgmt

Georgetown MSFS -> USAID sector development

Deployment/Management of Teams -> EU, WORLD BANK technical assistance

Life in Africa -> Microfinance through the INTERNET via individual connections

Ashoka + Life in Africa -> Webbed Empowerment strategies for COMMUNITY development Evolutionize It - change through collaboration 47 countries
3 social enterprises
2 husbands and 3 sons
15 years working at home back in Brussels, Belgium since 2009 nurturing the emerging
global social change space

events - networks - collaboration
collaborative learning - co-creation -

to influence global development paradigms, through modeling new possibilities for effective global collaboration my
passion my life's
dream what
I do new social enterprise,
founded Jan 2010 HUB Brussels co-working space
for social enterprise start-ups Board/community engagement strategy
Social enterprise support group growing practice in the
Women's Empowerment space WomenChangemakers, Women's Forum, Ashoka WE Cluster Social Entrepreneur Unconference (Portland)

Connecting Social Innovation 2010 (Brussels, Cyprus, Denver, Chicago)

ASHOKA'S CHANGEMAKER'S CAMPUS (Paris) Collaborative event design and coordination Social Entrepreneur
"Collaboracy" Matching social entrepreneurs with
cross-silo consulting & co-creative
change facilitation opportunities. 1st Ashoka Fellow in E. Africa 2001 relocating to Thailand in 2012 MASSIVE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL
How can I influence it for the
good with what my unique
experience has taught
me so far? Practicing
to be an angel when I grow up... @ChristinasWorld Evolutionize It
new Social Enterprise model Women's Empowerment Cluster Leader for Ashoka Requested Groundrules
for today's discussions WE trust in the goodwill & wisdom in the room
WE nurture everyone's evolution, including our own
WE are WE, with and without the cloak of our organizations
WE are not afraid to say "What If" and believe WE can make happen Workshop Co-Designers/Co-Facilitators Angeli Sjostrom, Process Rum (Sweden)
Daphne van Run, Dream Meets Reality (Netherlands) Alliances Track working group Wed 14:30-16:15 The WE Alliance
makes sense for Evolutionize It A Special Thank You
for your amazing energy - Evolutionize It collaborators are uniquely
qualified and available to team manage
a WE Alliance development process.
- Unique opportunity to prototype
our collaborative approaches. SILENTLY "TWINKLE" YOUR FINGERS IN THE AIR
if you can agree to let these rules guide YOU today. 14:30 -16:15 >> Alliances Track >> Building Together >>
Leveraging Professional Changemaker Values ("Collaboracy" concept) Room
H202 WE Cluster Strategy Circle Antonella, Antonella, Jennifer, Gwendolyne, Caroline, Lindsey, Servane cloak removing
exercise Think of something meaningful
that's happened in your life since
the beginning of this month.

Write it down on a post-it.

Wait for instructions. Aurelie, Pauline,
Iman, Christelle Ashoka WE Team Christina's
cards on the table Levering Professional Changemaker Values Redesign global
development collaboration.
Get social innovators working together vision
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