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Copy of George Washington's Birthday

No description

Mount Vernon Education

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of George Washington's Birthday

Happy Birthday George Washington! When Was George Washington Born? George Washington's Birthday First Celebration The first known public celebration for Washington's birthday was ordered by the
Comte de Rochambeau in 1781. He ordered a parade of French troops, the firing an artillery salute, and a break from work. A national Celebration As a substitute for celebrating the
birthday of a king or queen, the United States began celebrating the birthday of their First President. By 1832 Washington's birthday became a national commemoration. And in 1885 it was declared a Federal holiday. A Wedding for the Washingtons On February 22, 1799 Nelly Custis, Martha Washington's granddaughter, married Lawrence Lewis, a nephew of
George Washington, at Mount
Vernon. It was Washington's Presidents' Day In 1968, Congress passed a law providing uniform annual observance of certain legal public holidays to Mondays. Washington's birthday would be celebrated on the third Monday of February, which can never fall on Washington's Birthday.
Congress never ordered that the name of the holiday be changed to President's Day. Medal from the Bicentennial of Washington's Birth, 1932 During the Presidency On February 22, 1791, a parade was held in Philadelphia. Washington's birthday was typically celebrated with parades and ceremonies. A ball would conclude the evening.

Popular songs were even written. Here is an excerpt:
"Come boys, close the windows and make a good fire
Wife, children, sit snug all around:
'Tis the day that gave birth to our country's blessed sire
Then let it with pleasure be crowned." 67th Birthday. George Washington was born in Popes Creek, VA on February 22, 1732, according to the Gregorian Calendar. Sometimes you see his birthday written as February 11, 1731/2 because England and her colonies followed the Julian Calendar until 1752, which began each year in March.
When the Gregorian Calendar was adopted the year
began in January and 11 days were added in the first
3 months of the year. This moved Washington's
birthday from February 11 to February 22.
That's when we celebrate it today!
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