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Characteristics of England

David Roman Pozuelos

on 3 August 2013

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Transcript of ENGLAND

Famous People

Is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It shares land borders with Scotland to the north and Wales to the west. The Irish Sea lies north west of England, whilst the Celtic Sea lies to the south west. The North Sea to the east and the English Channel to the south separate it from continental Europe. Most of England comprises the central and southern part of the island of Great Britain which lies in the North Atlantic.
The country also includes over 100 smaller
islands such as the Isles of Scilly, and the
Isle of Wight.
With over 53 million inhabitants, England is by far the most populous country of the United Kingdom, accounting for 84% of the combined total. England taken as a unit and measured against international states has the fourth largest population in the European Union and would be the 25th largest country by population in the world.
The English people are a British people.
As its name suggests, the English language spoken by millions of people around the world, originated as the language of England, is the third most spoken language in the world after Chinese (Mandarin) and Spanish.
Full English Breakfast
Sunday Roast
Jacket Potato
Fish and chips
Afternoon tea and cream tea
Ploughman’s lunch
Bangers and mash
Pies and Cornish pasties
Queen Elizabeth II
born 21 April 1926
Diana, Princess of Wales
born: 1 July 1961
died: 31 August 1997
(aged 36)
John Lennon
born: 9 October 1940
died: 8 December 1980
James Bond
code name: 007
created in 1953
by writer Ian Fleming
Harry Potter
J.K Rowling
born: 31 July 1965
Charlie Chaplin
born: 16 April 1889

died: 25 December 1977
Mr. Bean
David Beckham
born: 2 May 1975
born: 5 May 1988
Mary Poppins
Freddie Mercury
born: 5 September 1946
died: 24 November 1991
The Economy of England is the largest economy of the four countries of the United Kingdom.
England is a highly industrialised country. It is an important producer of textiles and chemical products.
Although automobiles, locomotives, and aircraft are among England's other important industrial products, a significant proportion of the country's income comes from the City of London.

Christianity is the most widely practiced and declared religion in England. The Anglican Church of England is the established church of England holding a special constitutional position for the United Kingdom.
After Christianity, religions with the most adherents are Islam, Hinduism, Pagan movements, Sikhism, Judaism, Buddhism and the Bahá'í Faith. There are also organisations which promote irreligion, atheist humanism, and secularism.
In the past, various other religions (usually pagan) have been important in the area, particularly Celtic polytheism, Gallo-Roman religion and Mithraism amongst the Brythonics, and later Anglo-Saxon paganism and Norse paganism with the Anglo-Saxon settlement and formation of England.
England is one of the richest countries in the world folklore but has a suit that is recognized as typical, the closest thing to it is the Morris dancer, which involved actively in all activities that take place outdoors in the warmer months of the year and interpret the dances that attract fertility and away the bad energies through the noise of the bells has two cushions that are placed in the calves of white trousers,s, the rest of the outfit consists of a white shirt and individuals usually made of wicker hats.This dance is one of the most traditional in England and has come from a very ancient custom in which through the bluebell sand some with colored ribbons which decorate the hats of the dancers were believed to bring fertility and ward off any possible pain of these groups usually involved only men, although in some regions have also started to dance some women. What is known as the costume of women especially middle age begins to adjust the dress and sleeve in turn as time passes are becoming more sophisticated and decorated according to the occasion and the social ladder.
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