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Imperialism in Angola

No description

Camila Gomez

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Imperialism in Angola

Imperialism in Angola
Before Colonization
The Portuguese arrived in Angola during the 15th century as explorers, before they actually colonized the area.

The Portuguese set up trade with the kings of Angola. As Western technology interested the kings,they set up trade for slaves in exchange for weapons and other goods. The heavy slave trade of men led to a decline in Angolan population and was one of the reason Portugal was able to capture Angola
Throughout the many years Portugal was establish in Angola, many attempt to colonize it were set in action but failed many times. Until they were able to capture the Bie Plateau in 1902.
Motives cont.
Another reason Portugal colonized Angola was it abundance of natural resources such as gold, copper,diamonds, oil, spices,etc.
Portuguese downfall
One of the most important reasons Portugal colonized Angola was for the geographical gain. Angola was on the coast which was crucial for trading ports and a strong naval base.

Resistance groups formed such as MPLA, FNLA, and UNITA that fought for Angolan independence. These groups lead revolts that end in a major war against Portugal. Portugal lost the war in 1974 due to their small population compared to Angola's.The Angolan win, was the key to their independence.
Effects of the Portuguese rule
Harsh treatment of the Angolans lead to nationalist groups that helped gain their freedom (+)

Portugal harvested all of Anngola's natural resources and sold them to locals this decreased their economy and made it difficult for it to be reassemble (-)

Effects of Portuguse rule cont.
During Portuguese rule railroads were built for the transport of goods, they are still used today (+)

Portuguese left their mark on Angola by leaving behind their beliefs in Christianity and their language, Portuguese, which is still spoken there today. (+)

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