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Monday September 12th

No description

William Barber

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of Monday September 12th

What is the metric system?
Lab Symbol Quiz
Worksheet on meters
Measuring with meters
Pair up with a partner.
Measure the partners height, arm span using only meters and centimeters!
Log down information given in you notebook.
Wrap up thought?
How many feet do you think are found inside one meter?
King Henry Died Making Dark Chocolate Milk

Monday September 12th
M: Assistant Grabs notebook
V: Quiet, level 1 noise
P: Be willing to provide answers
In what "real life" ways have you used the metric system?
All materials put away.
Make sure your name, date, and class period are on the paper.
No talking
Hand in quiz's to Mr. Barber at the front of the room
A decimal system of measures and weights based on the meter and kilogram.
This system is the primary system globally (other than the U.S.
What is considered a meter?
A unit used to measure length
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