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The end of The Great Gatsby

No description

Vanessa Lopez

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of The end of The Great Gatsby

The American Dream The Great Gatsby Final Project Society and Class In the novel, there society revolves in the differences in the social classes and on how they act. Society is a whole in which is filled with different people, but is generally categorize into the social classes of the upper, middle, or lower class. The Great Gatsby is all about the social class and how society acts and is manipulated and morally incorrect. People have began to care more about their wealth and their selves instead of the things that really matter in life like happiness, loyalty, honesty, and family. The American Dream is a idea of being successful, rich, popular, getting what you want and being happy. It use to be a dream which shows the perseverance, hope, and the idea of success againest all the odds. The American Dream is dead, due to the social structures and the classes. The Wealth, privilege, lack of humanity, values and the morals that have killed the American Dream. Wealth has been replaced by hope and success with maturity. Many of the characters in the Great Gatsby novel shows the theme of how the American Dream is dead. An example of one of the characters that pursued their American Dreams is Jay Gatsby. Gatsby re-invented himself on becoming a rich aristocrat, buying a huge mansion, a nice car and a number of material possesions. Jay Gatsby's main goal in the novel was to win back Daisy Buchanan. However, due to Gatsby illegal business ways of making money and the division of a social class betweem himself and Daisy, his dream or goal could never come true. Jay Gatsby couldn't achieve his American Dream because it was dead. The society, social class, lack of values and its morals have murdered it. Daisy had retreated to her money and carelessness because Daisy is a very materialistic lady and had made Gatsby's dream not come true. The wealth and power is a advantage to those who are wealthy, have a lot of power and are in the upper class. The ability the wealthy and the power have is to control other people and situations because the people are afraid of them, admire them or even get paid to like them.
A good example of the wealth and the power is Meyer Wolfshiem. He is the man that made a lot of money through his illegal business and Wolfshiem rigged the World Series of becoming rich. What this means is that Meyer Wolfshiem has the power to help people and most likely hurt people. He runs a risky business in which he could get into a lot of trouble in. Wealth and Power Themes Nick Carraway Nick Carraway is the Narrator in the Great Gatsby Novel. Nick is a young man from Minnesota, who was being educated at Yale and was fighting the WWI. He moves to New York to learn the bonding business. Nick takes part in reuniting Daisy and Jay Gatsby. Carraway is seen throughout the novel as a innocent and naive person. He experiences the lifestyle of the wealthy in the East Coast. Nick found himself intimitated by Wolfsheim, who is a man that is rigged the World Series and had got away with it. Nick meets a young lady name Jordan Baker, who grew feelings for, but also feels ashamed for Jordan because she was cheating and lying. Nick discovers that Tom is cheating with Daisy with a mistress and that Daisy doesn't do anything about it. Nick learn in chapter 8, that the rich all have one thing in common; they are careless,selfish, and have no proper morals or values. In the end of the novel, Nick only comes to respect Jay Gatsby. Nick experience on the East Coast was he learned a number of things. He decides to move back to the midwest, and never return to the crazy life of the East Coast and its dramatic ways. Jay Gatsby Jay Gatsby is a wealthy young man, who lives in a mansion in West Egg. Gatsby is well known for his extravagent parties. He is a mysterious man, and no one really seem to know about him, only some false rumors. Jay Gatsby is part of the upper class and would be place in the new money group. In the novel, we discover that Jay Gatsby's true name is James Gatz and was born on a farm in North Dakota. Gatsby didn't want to be a farmer, so what he did was re-invent himself and began to work with a millionaire by a man name Dan Cody. Dan Cody had aide Jay and taught him how to become a rich man and to reach his American Dreams. Gatsby earns his money through illegal activities like bootlegging. Gatsby has fallen in love with Daisy Buchanan. Gatsby is willing to do anything to win Daisy, and work as hard as he can to earn a lot of money and buy a huge home just to impress Daisy. But, at the end of the novel, Gatsby dreams and goals never came true. He was murdered by George Wilson for a crime or affair he never had with his wife. Nobody went to his funeral, except Nick, his father, and Owl eye. Daisy Buchanan Daisy Buchanan is a beautiful, flirtatious woman who has a voice that is mysterious, intriguing, thrilling, and sensuous. Her voice catches the attention of all. Her voice is full of money, which leads the listeners to believe that what she has to say is always interesting and exciting. Nick Carraway is Daisy's cousin, describes her as an irresistible charm. Daisy was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and was the most popular, beautiful girl in the area. She was referred to as the " Golden Girl". Daisy was born into a wealthy family and as she grew up she married Tom Buchanan, a wealthy hulk of a man and moves to the West Egg. She has a daughter name Pammy. She has an affair with Jay Gatsby. Tom Buchanan Tom Buchanan is the husband of Daisy Buchanan. He was born as a wealth, upper class and old money. Tom is described as a large, muscular brute man. He is referred to as a Hulk. Tom is an athlete and used to be a football star. Tom was educated at Yale and enjoys reading large books. Tom is also known as a racial attitude.Tom is a selfish and careless man. He has an affair with Myrtle Wilson. Tom is a abusive man. In chapter 2, he hits Myrtle, and breaks her nose. He is also abusive to Daisy by turning her knuckles black and blue. Tom Buchanan loves to control other peoples lives. Jordan Baker Jordan is a good friend to Daisy. Jordan is a very attractive and wealthy young tournament golfer. Jordan is dating Nick while he is in town. She is a compulsive liar and a cheater. She is shallow and careless. Myrtle Wilson Myrtle is a lower class and has no money. She is married to George Wilson, but has an affair with Tom Buchanan. She lives in a small home. Myrtle is unhappy with her marriage with her husband George and loves Tom because he is controlling, which George doesn't do. She is a thickish, materialistic woman who is not very attractive in her mid thirties as said in chapter 2. In the end of chapter 7, Daisy runs over Myrtle with Gatsby car. George Wilson George Wilson is married to Myrtle Wilson. He is the owner of the garage in the Valley of Ashes. He went crazy when Myrtle died. George thought his wife affair was Gatsby and he shot Gatsby. In the end of chapter 8, he shoot himself. Meyer Wolfsheim Meyer Wolfsheim is a rigged the World Series and has become a very rich, therefore he is put in the upper class. He was poorly educated. He is a shady person and lives in New York. Meyer makes his money by gambling and illegal business. Cathrine Cathrine is the sister of Myrtle. She is really not mention in the entire book, just in chapter 2. She is a minor character in the book and when she talks to Myrtle she sounds respectful. Dan Cody Dan Cody is a wealthy man who employed Gatsby as a youth and had taught him about the business. He was never actually seen in the novel, only talk about when gatsby explains to Nick on who that was in the picture and also in Gatsby's life. Dan Cody yacht anchor over the most insidious flat on Lake Superior. He made money by a Gold Rush. He was Gatsby's mentor as a young man. He provided Gatsby with a taste of the rich or upper class and left him with some of the money when he passed away. The other half of the money went to Ella Kaye. However, when Dan Cody died, the ex wife recieve the money, instead of Gatsby. About the Character Characters Daisy Buchanan Tom Buchanan Myrtle Wilson Nick Carraway Jay Gatsby Jordan Baker George Wilson Dan Cody Meyer Wolsheim Cathrine friends cousin affair Friends Friends Friends sister Romance Yale affair Social Class Upper Class Middle Class Lower Class Dan Cody
Daisy Buchanan
Tom Buchanan
Meyer Wolfsheim
Jordan Baker
Jay Gatsby Nick Carraway
Cathrine George Wilson
Myrtle Wilson Old Money New Money No Money George Wilson
Myrtle Wilson There are three main classes: Upper class, Middle Class, and Lower class, these can be divided even further.

In the novel the Great Gatsby, social class is dividing even further into old money, new money, and no money.

The East Egg represents the old money:

The old money families are the families which haves a lot of money for a very long time. They are families that have created a number of great social connections. Old families are welled educated and have specific social behaviors. People in the East look down on the west people because the people in the West don’t have old money and they are typically don’t have a social behavior and education as the East egg.

The West Egg represents the new money:

The new money families are the families that have been typically wealthy after the 1920s and have no social connection like the old money. They tend to buy crazy things and show off their wealthiness. A lot of the new money is people that acquire money illegal, such as the bootlegging.

The Valley of Ashes represents the no money:

The no money class is overlooked and includes people in the valley of ashes with low income jobs who live in smaller homes. They are poor and do not strive for the American Dream like the old and new money. The no money is also named as the working class. Gatsby's Parties Jay Gatsby would host a number of extravagant parties every Saturday night. These parties are a symbol of the different social class people and how they are wealthy person in the party. Jay Gatsby hosts the parties to hope that Daisy Buchanan would show up one day. The parties were filled with delicious food, beautiful entertainment, and a huge number of people that came to the party. The people in the novel who came to Gatsby’s parties are those who are advancing in their social status and make it look as they are of the upper class and wealthy. These parties were symbolized by the difference between the old money and the new money class. When Tom Buchanan and Daisy had a party it would be simpler. This shows how the new money class has over the top parties to flaunt their money in unnecessary ways or reasons. The old money are comfortable and graceful in their wealth ad so they see no need to show off and have larger parties. They will simply throw parties in sequence to cure their boredom. Character Comparison Gatsby and Tom Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan are alike in some kind of way and different in the other. In the end of the story, Gatsby was found out to be a fraud of sorts, earning his money by bootlegging. This is also similar to Tom in that he is a fraud too, just not in a business sense. Tom Buchanan cheats on his wife regularly with another married woman. Both men share love for Daisy, even if it was shown in two entirely different ways. Even though Gatsby is more open and shows his love for Daisy, Tom also posses the love for her too. If Tom did not love her, he would have definitely left Daisy for his mistress. Instead Toms stays with Daisy and try’s to push Gatsby away from his wife. Gatsby is not as much of a brutal as Tom, nor is he disloyal. Gatsby earns his living in an illegal way, but at least he earns it. Tom simply just inherits his money. Gatsby spends 3 years working hard to buy himself a mansion he can live in. Nick and Gatsby Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby have different personalities. Nick is an honest young man with nothing to hide. Gatsby on the other hand has a mysterious past that he tries to avoid talking about. Gatsby is dishonesty with his circle of “friends” making him appear all sketchy, another word for that will be fake. Nick is probably the only character in the book that is down to earth. He doesn’t live in a home that is filled with unnecessary luxuries, rather than a small bungalow squeezed between two massive mansions homes. Gatsby lives in a home full of luxuries, like a butler and servants. Gatsby even has a library full of books he never reads. Daisy and Myrtle Daisy Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson are very different. Daisy comes from an extremely wealthy home; Myrtle is a less wealthy one. Daisy lives a life filled with self pity. Myrtle’s life is limited to her by her husband’s lack of wealth. Myrtle wishes her life was like Daisy’s. She wishes she can married Tom and part of the upper class living in East Egg. Myrtle is living in a double life; one with Tom where she is a mistress and is treated with certain indulgence, such as a dog, abused Tom and exhibits her love for Tom. The other, is with her husband George, where she is treated with respect, has less money and exhibits no love to her husband. Nick and Daisy Nick and Daisy are very different about each other. They both live in different places. Daisy lives in an extravagant Colonial Georgia style home in the East Egg, while Nick lives in a bungalow across the bay in West Egg. Daisy is near the upper class social circle due to the great wealth, while Nick is in an outer part of the circle because he connects to important people, such as Daisy’s husband Tom. Daisy and Nick both share a certain interest in Gatsby. Daisy is in love with Jay Gatsby, and Nick is in a great friendship with Jay Gatsby. Tom and Jordan Tom and Jordan are both part of the upper class circle. Tom owes his social status by the immense wealth; Jordan is a professional golfer. Tom and Jordan both share attribute on their athletes and are both selfish and careless. Tom cheats on his wife for personal satisfaction and Jordan goes cheats on her golf game for her personal gain. They both illustrate the idea that the upper class is corrupted. Dr. T.J. Eckleburg The billboard of Dr. Eckleburg represents the eyes of God, which see everything. Because of Myrtle's sins, god sought out revenge againest her..

Quote: "I told her she couldn't fool god."(p.159)

Myrtle couldn't run or hide from her sins. Books/Reading Books are a symbol of knowledge and intellience on the surface level. For example, Gatsby's mansion is filled with real books, but he has never read them. A possesion of books can appear to be a symbolized by the intelligence, most of the time they are used for a show. East or West Egg "You live in West Egg?", Jordan remarked contemptuously. This quote was in Chapter 1 on page 11 in the novel. This quote reveals a aggrogant and aristocratic behavior of the residents of the East Egg. They all have a mind that they are above everyone else. Weather The weather current status is a large indication of the novels future event. In the spring, the novel is filled with the new beginning for Daisy and Gatsby. It is a rebirth of their love.. In the Summer, the weather gets extremely hot once the story starts to " exculate" once Tom tries to unvail Gataby's lies. Then the seasons transition into the fall once Nick leaves West Egg. Time Time is a major symbol in the novel. Gatsby is constantly reliving the past and his previous relationship with Daisy. He is unable to accept the reality that she loves Tom and has her own child with him. Cars/Driving Cars were seen as a luxury to the people of New York, but most people were terrible drivers. The cause of Myrtle's death was an automobile crash that was created by Daisy's had driving and Myrtle thought it was Tom in the car driving.

Also cars were the desicion or deciding factor in who George Wilson would kill. Able to recognize the car that killed Myrtle as Gatsby's; Mr. Wilson had went to Gatsby's mansion and murder him and himself. "Those gleaming, dazzling parties of his." Gatsby's parties were attended by hundreds of wealthy elites who never even knew Gatsby. People went to these parties because they were so extravagant. Gatsby used his parties to show off his enormous wealth and his extraordinary possesions. Cars are seen as a wealthy status. If you have a expensive car, like a Camaro. You are assumed to be a upper class. For example, Jay Gatsby bought a Rolls Royce. In the book it describe the Rolls Royce, “ Its was a rich cream color, bright with nickel, swollen here and there in its monstrous length with triumphant hat boxes and supper boxes and tool- boxed, and terraced with a labyrinth of wind shields that mirrored a dozen suns. (Fitzgerald, 64) Gatsby bought the Rolls Royce to impress Daisy and show off his richness to her. But, Cars are symbolized by other things too, like the death of Myrtle Wilson, whom she thought to believe was Tom driving the car, and also in the American Dream. The End Colors Golden stands for
1) richness, but also
2) happy or prosperous: golden days, golden age
3) successful: the golden girl of tennis
4) extremely valuable: a golden opportunity

Daisy was called a golden girl.
"With Jordan's slender golden arm resting in mine" (p. 43); "I put my arm around Jordan's golden shoulder" (p. 79). Silver represents:
jewelry and richness.

In The Great Gatsby the moon or moonlight or the stars are often silver: "the silver pepper of the stars" (p. 20)

Another quote would be "The moon had risen higher, and floating in the Sound was a triangle of silver scale."(p. 46 and 47) White stands for
1) morally unblemished
2) honorable

When Nick Carraway visited the Buchanan he met two young women, of course Daisy and Jordan "They were both in white" (p. 8).

Even the windows at Daisy's house are white "The windows were ajar and gleaming white" (p. 8). Green stands for a variety of meanings.

In the book there was a quote that said,"I glanced seaward – and distinguished nothing except a single green light" (p. 25). This green light is across the sea where Buchanan's house is supposed to be. Gatsby said: "You always have a green light that burns all night at the end of your dock" (p. 90); "Now it was again a green light on a dock" (p. 90). Fitzgerald used "green" for envious or jealous: "In the sunlight his face was green" (George Wilson, p. 123). Grey represent the neutral, dull, not important.

"... a grey, florid man with a hard, empty face" (p. 97) about the portrait of Dan Cody in Gatsby's bedroom. Gatsby's ideal is grey and empty.

The Wilsons, living in the valley of ashes, appear in grey, except for Myrtle, when she enjoys the company of Tom Buchanan. Wilson "mingling immediately with the cement color of the walls.

A white ashen dust veiled his dark suit and his pale hair as it veiled everything in the vicinity – except his wife, who moved close to Tom" (p. 28). The only way for Myrtle to get out of the grey seems to be Tom Buchanan. Blue represents the color of being depressed, moody, or unhappy.

There was quotes in the book that took scene in Gatsby's home. The quote was"In his blue gardens men and girls came and went" (p. 41). Although a lot of people are in and around his house, his gardens are blue. Daisy Buchanan
Tom Buchanan
Jordan baker Meyer Wolfsheim
Jay Gatsby
Dan Cody Symbols
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