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Advertisement: Clean Up Australia Day 2009 Review

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zrobe66 css2014

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Advertisement: Clean Up Australia Day 2009 Review

Advertisement: Clean Up Australia Day 2009
How does this advertisement draw peoples attention?
This advertisement draws peoples attention by having interesting images, a great song choice and by adding a rhetorical question
The images and their affects
The affect that these images have on people are

Making them feel sorry for the animals
Making them want to help clean up Australia

The music chosen for this advertisement has a very catchy tune that keeps in time with the animals movements.

Persuasive Language Devices

The persuasive language devices used in this advertisement are including sponsors and a rhetorical question.

Multimodal Elements
The multimodal elements are showing the audience the animals holding the rubbish which appeals to them in many different ways and the catchy tune and the rhetorical question draw more attention to the advertisement.

Make this video...
The purpose of this advertisement is to make people realise that littering affects the environment in a lot of different ways. Animals are at high risk of dying due to this horrific environmental disaster. Bushlands will be transformed into wastelands and Australia will be a rubbish tip.

The message in this advertisement is that these animals should not be picking up our rubbish, that we have put in their territory. We should be clearing up our mess, not them.
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