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Putting Research into Use!

Our vision - Capacity Strengthening and Knowledge Management Iniciative, CIAT.

Paola Victoria

on 27 November 2011

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Transcript of Putting Research into Use!

Capacity Stregthening and Knowledge Management Initiative Why a "Capacity" intiative? 1. At Global level

2. At CGIAR level

3. At CIAT level Improving the impact of development research through better research communications and uptake. Background paper for the AusAID, DFID and UKCDS funded workshop: London, November 29th and 30th 2010. At CGIAR - Recommendations of the Strategic and Research Framework SRF: Position CIAT as a potential focal point Capacity development within the CRPs as a support function to the different types of research partnerships.
Include more learning-by-doing, testing of new methodologies and participatory approaches. This implies more innovative approaches often tied to more effective knowledge management.
A dedicated unit to promote Capacity Strengthening, Learning and Knowledge Sharing at the Consortium level, a cross-cutting area where the CGIAR will build institutional capacities, or focal points, capable of providing strategic coherence, greater research efficiency and scientific quality to the overall research effort within the CGIAR. At the Center level What we do /
Services provided Stakeholder engagement strategies Research planning
Participatory M&E and documentation
Meeting design and facilitation
Support in collaborative tools
Train in KM tools and methods
Do research on KM
Participate, apply for special projects on KM and CS
Develop CS materials and events
Administration of visiting researchers
Open House Globally... Getting Research into Use Putting Research
into Use We do not do corporate communications
We don’t write press releases
We are not in charge of the CIAT web site or Intranet
We don’t provide translation, editing, graphic arts services What we do not do Documentation
2.0 Capacity
Stregthening Strategic planification,
ex- ante, M&E Participatory
Research Networking Collaboration
Tools Processes 1. Facilitate and cultivate knowledge exchange through a Regional Training Initiative for Latin America and the Caribbean

2. Support the agreement with Colombia through interventions in training and knowledge management

3. Develop research and provide services on knowledge management

4. Strengthen CIAT’s training activities Plans 2011 Our Vision 1. Platform: Towards new alliances within our host region Capacity Stregthening and Knowledge Management Initiative Validation of the Platform Concept Dibujo red Thematic core groups
Concept notes
Fund raising
Design of the CS Program and modes of delivery
Identification over additional themes and its leaders
Communication and facilitation of the process Launch
Documentation 2.0
Eco - Informatics 2.Colombia Agreement: Connecting the past and the future in the Llanos Integrate Events data with Capacity Building databases
Develop online interphase for Events in Discoverer- Oracle
Clean up: formalize categories, information requested, etc.
Formalize and integrate categories and reporting methods for Regional Offices 4. Training- Creating partners from within Capacity Databases External promotion of CIAT Capacity Strengthening Activities Open House
Database of Regional Universities
Improve institutional relations with Universities
Promote ‘research opportunities’ documentation
CIAT promoters (emeritus, past employees and visiting researchers) network Declining into new products
Launch of the ‘CS Materials’ contest:
- What programs have existing materials to decline?
- Which are willing to try new formats for materials?
- Materials must be about a PROGRAM, not project
researchers) network Capacity Strengthening Materials Visiting researchers Managing demand with Projects: Visiting researchers CVs filtration and organizing.
On-line formats for admission and financing
Systematization of satisfaction surveys
Roles and Responsibilities/ Policy for Visiting Researchers and projects
Better integration of Visiting researchers (coffee, events, FAQs) Services in KM Revitalize Capacity Strengthening activities
Capitalize on the knowledge management championship of CIAT
Build on existing capacity in social sciences and work towards an effective integration
Adapt to the CGIAR SRF framework
Putting Research
into Use Putting Research
into Use Putting Research
into Use Strategic Tools and Partners Putting Research
into Use Publication. Case Studies of the Knowledge Share Fair
Publication - Applications of KM in Value Chains, Participatory Research, Networking and M&E.
Organizational learning: Research in KM Partners and special projects:
KM Courses
Events Design, Facilitation, Logistics
Social Network Analysis
Design of stakeholder engagement proceses
Survey- consultations design
Participatory systematization of projects 3. Knowledge Management: CIAT as a key partner for AR4D actors Funding * Thematic Concept Notes * Donors interested in KM in the region Funding * Corpoica - CIAT - MADR * Special Projects (GFAR, ICT-KM, FAO, EU, IICA, among others) * Services provision Funding * CRPs * Fellowships Programs Funding Our Team Simone Staiger-Rivas, Leader
Paola Andrea Victoria, Knowledge Management
Sophie Alvarez, part-time Consultant M&E
Eleonora Izquierdo, Capacity Strengthening
Wilson Celemín, Capacity Strengthening and administration
Flávia Cunha Costa Ruiz (consultant, Amazon Initiative)
Carlos Arturo Quirós (possibly, starting April 2011)
Smart Communicators Launch
Increase potential of Social Media
Participatory M&E
Social Network Analysis
Increase potential of Collaborative Tools Partners CIAT:
PRGA Partners CIAT: IT, Communications Unit.
Partners CGIAR: ICT-KM Partners CIAT: Impact Assessment Team Partners CGIAR: Capacity Stregthening Group Partners CIAT: IT Partners CGIAR: ICT-KM Triple A: Available,
Applicable, Accesible Partners CIAT: Library Others: CGIAR (ICT-KM), FAO, IICA
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