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The Most Amazing Adaptations You

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on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of The Most Amazing Adaptations You

Morphological adaptations
Morphological Adaptation- are physical changes that may occur over many generations of living things .
It was previously believed that African Pyxie died off during every dry season, but what was happening was far more interesting.The second largest frog in the world burrows 6 to 8 inches underground and seals itself in a mucus membrane that hardens into a cocoon when the rainy season ends . The frog then “hibernate” in this sac for up to seven years while waiting for rain,when it rains it causes the mucus sac to soften, signaling to the frog that it’s time to wake up.
Behavioral adaptation
Behavioral adaptation
the process by which an organism or a species changes its pattern of action to better suit its environment.

Physiological adaptation
Whitebark pine
Whitebark pines are one of the world's five stone pine species. They are slow-growing and long-lived high altitude pines from the mountainous forests of northwest America. The White bark is able to survive in Cold climates. I think that it gained the adaptation because there were many trees , trees with variation of height and cold resistance were able to survive and win the competition for resources due to the selection of that variation

The Most Amazing Adaptations You
Have Never Heard Of

Physiological adaptation
permit the organism to perform special functions (for instance, making venom, secreting slime, and phototropism)
The Behavioral adaptation that African Pyxie
has is that it hibernates during dry seasons and
therefore is misunderstand as dying . It does this to better survive it environment

The physiological adaptation African Pyxie Frog is Mucus membrane that hardens to allow it to hibernate and softens when it rains waking the Frog up

The Morphological change is cold resistance that allow it to survive in harsh conditions . This change is what made the Whitebark tall and due to it being cold tolerant
How did it get this adaptation
The African Pyxie frog were dying out most like due to low resources but of overpopulation therefore the variation with mucus membrane were able to compete better for resources by waiting for rain and that allowed selection of said variation.
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