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Gerund- adding "ing" to change a verb to a noun.

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Jean Chen

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Gerund- adding "ing" to change a verb to a noun.

Gerund- adding "ing"
to change a verb to a noun
Infinitive- can be used
as a noun, adjective,
or verb.

Infinitives and Gerunds
Example of Gerund:
I love
, although
I am not a good artist.
It can tell you something!
Q:Where do we use Gerunds in
a sentence??
A: Lily likes
Q:How do we use
A: Put "ing" at
the end of a
EX: Peter likes
Q:When do we use gerunds?
A: We use it when
it is a noun or subject
makes Jean
feel nervous, because
she is scared of height.
Q:Why do we use gerunds?
A: We need to use gerunds
because we need to use it
as a noun, instead of a
e.g. Monica likes
especially hip pop.
Questions!!!! Are you ready??
Q:Where do we use infinitives
in a sentence?
A: we add an infinitive after "to"
e.g. Eva likes
to cook
desserts, and
she is a very good cook.
Q:How do we use
A: We add "to" before the
infinitive and the base form
a verb.
e.g. David likes
to go
to church, because
he is a Christian.

When do we use
We need to use infinitives when
we need to change a verb into a noun
, adjective. or adverb.
e.g. Wendy likes
to play
Q:Why do we use
A: We need to use infinitives
because we need to change
a verb into a noun , or adjective.
e.g. Jerry likes
to play

1.What is a gerund?
Gerund is a noun that is changed from a verb
2.Can anyone give an example of
a gerund??

3. How do we put an infinitive in a sentence?

"to" + the base form of a verb.
to dance.
4. Can you give an example of an infinitive in a sentence?
* The handout from the class:

"Gerunds (-ing)" Athabasca University write site. n.d. Web. 22 Sept.2013 <http://write-site.athabascau.ca/esl/infinitives_gerunds.php>

"To+ infinitives". British Council, n.d. Web. 22 Sept. 2013 <http://www.britishcouncil.org/>

Q:How do we identify
a gerund?
A: When you see a verb +
ing, it could be a gerund or a
present participle. When it
form like a noun (usually
before)a verb, then it is a
e.g. Reading is a very good
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