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What is the World Wide Web?


ashley brown

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of What is the World Wide Web?

What is the World Wide Web? How much do YOU know? Most people don't know that much about the internet. Maybe because it changes ever single day! Its okay though, its never too late to learn and catch up! The internet has become a huge network of information, and tools. Internet used to be read only. but now people can use it to do all kinds of things. Some of those new things are: Pandora Flickr Google Docs The Cloud Social Networking Blogging Wiki Prezi Twitter Podcasting Pandora Pandora is a great tool that enables you to create your own online radio station. After you find some music yourself, Pandora will automatically find music simaler to what you picked out. Pandora helps you discover new music! Flickr Google Docs Google docs is a fast, simple way to create documents. Imagine if you and some friends were doing a project. You all have to do it at home. Now, you could send the project back and forth through e-mail OR you could use google docs. With google docs there is a single document that everyone can edit, not several pesky emails. Flickr is a helpful tool that lets you upload, then edit photos online. When your photos are online you can see them anywhere, not just at home. Just imagine how much time, paper, and trouble you could save with Google Docs. The cloud The cloud is not a website. It is actually all of the information you have on the internet. That info can come from your profiles online. There is also a website called cloud that you can use to connect with your computer at home. Social networking Social networking is a way that people socialize via the internet.People use social networking to connect with friends and family. Social networking can be used to create a class page. The 8th grade band has thier own page on facebook, where we discuss class and concerts. Blogging Blogging is where people write about a topic online. They then post it so people can read them. Log+Web= Blog Wiki Wiki is a website that lets you easily create you own webpage. Teachers can use wiki to post links to educational websites. The downside is that some wikis can have wrong information. Prezi Prezi is what you are using right now. Prezi is a simple presentation tool that is much more interesting and flexible than Powerpoint. Twitter Twitter is a tool that allows you to post what you are doing, ar thinking. Twitter also lets you subscribe to friends, or celebrities twitters to view their tweets. Teachers coul use Twitter to quicky update assignments when students aren't at school. Podcasts Podcasts are videos taken from Ipods, then uploaded to youtube, or other websites. Students could use podcasts to do projects by making videos.
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