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L'Oreal - best employer

No description

Christopher Day

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of L'Oreal - best employer

Field visits Because you're reaching 1 billion people What they look for... Recruitment New graduates receive personal attention from DAY 1 Growth and personal Development Pension Nice working environment, great leaders, great brand images, strong marketing team Reviews 130 countries No. 1 FMCG employer chosen by STUDENTS *2007, 08, 09, 10 Selection Charisma. Creativity. Leadership. Style. Aptitude for Beauty. Aesthetic Quality. detail. perfect choice of colour. passion. attention to Commitment. Reveal Virtual recruitment game
Corporate Challenges
Draw Talent
Outstanding achievers receive interviews Personalised Orientation Distance learning opportunities Training catalogue at each stage of career 2 formal appraisals with manager per year Health and well being Group income protection for all staff Bikes for work Dental Benefits Private medical insurance Childcare Vouchers Staff discount on L'Oreal products Company cars for field sales staff Cash allowance for some staff Subsidised canteens Former Assistant Manager in Calcutta Good place to start career, Fantastic work environment, interesting products, good work life balance, good school for marketing Current Employee in Milan Strategic responsibilities, Highly motivating, great on your CV, Top training for marketing, amazing brand image As an intern you have wide range of tasks and responsibilities, great chance to be offered a full time job at the end Dynamic environment, Work with many creative people, Very fast pace. Good place to start if you want to work in fashion and beauty, Looks good on CV worth it Why L'Oreal? During my placement I developed marketing strategies from scratch and saw them come into fruition Angel Nicholls Placement Year Student - Nottingham Trent University Current PR in Budapest Former Employee in Paris Former HRD in Shanghai Current Employee in London L'Oreal - UNESCO programme We support women who move science forward. L ' r e a l To sum up I l l stimulating environment with exciting personal opportunities treat their employees as valuable assets reward them with fantastic benefits a great place to start a career Structure that encourages creativity and new ideas.

60% of daily exchanges take place in English.
You learn fast at L’Oréal. It’s exciting, upbeat, responsive, spontaneous environment makes every day different! B
S recognition to over a thousand women scientists, providing visibility and encouragement for the exceptional quality of their work. These top-ranking scientists embrace universal challenges ranging from health to the environment, and represent hope for the future
valorize work experience in anticipation of a longer worklife

develop an inclusive managerial culture
access of women to positions of responsibility

equal treatment in terms of salary.

people with disabilities. nationality ethnic social origin age gender equity Brandstorm
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