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Training a Front Desk Agent

No description

yinan liu

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Training a Front Desk Agent

Training a Front Desk Agent
Identify main functions of front desk agent
Skills needed for front desk agent
Training steps and procedures
Sell guestrooms, register guests, and assign guestrooms.
Process future room reservations
Coordinate guest services
Provide information about the hotel, the surrounding community, and any attractions or events of interest to guests
Maintain accurate room status information
Maintain guest accounts and monitor credit limits
Produce guest account statements

Skills needed for front desk agent
check-in and check -out process
Providing information about the property and community
Selling rooms and packages
Handling guest concerns and complaints
Safety and Security
Professional development
Front Office Staff Rules and Regulations
Uniformed Service in Hotel
Identify main functions of
front desk agent.
Daily shift tasks training
Building Telephone Skills
for hotel staff
Handing guest concerns
and complaints
1. Guest concerns and complaints
2. Strategy to resolve complaints
3. Practice resolving complaints
4. Follow up on complaints
Essential Skills:
Oral Communication;
Thinking skills;
Yinan Liu Gao Han Jany Huang
Alex Rong Weiwei Zhao

Handling walk in guests
Identifying Guest Needs &
Providing Anticipatory Service
Late Checkout Procedure
for Front Office
Standard Front office Billing
Instructions / Billing Codes
Check In Guests
Procedure for Front Office

Check In Guests Procedure for Front Office
Uniformed Service in Hotel
Daily shift tasks training
Building Telephone Skills for hotel staff
Check In Guests Procedure for Front Office
Handing guest concerns and complaints
Handling walk in guests
Late Checkout Procedure for Front Office
Standard Front office Billing Instructions /
Billing Codes
Arrive in time, inspired and motivated.
Dress up properly and maintain high grooming standards.
Be proactive and motivate each other.
Breaks are important but don’t take extensive ones.
Never Ever leave your Desk unattended.
Keep your eyes open, observe and check our environment permanently.
Report any irregularity.
It’s your responsibility to keep our hotel clean, maintained and stylish.
Never say I don’t know or/and it’s not my job, always offer an alternative.
Keep your mobile on silent mode and do not speak on mobile in the guest areas.
Bell attendants
Door attendants
Valet Parking attendants
Transportation personnel
Smile even though you are on the telephone.
Sit or stand up straight.
Use a low voice pitch.
Match your speaking rate
to the caller's.
Avoid extremes in volume.
Avoid expressions such as "uh-huh" and "yeah."
1.Confirm the name and date for arriving customers.
2. Check with the guest if the reservation was made by another person.
3.Call up the travel agent and get more details of the booking for travel agent customers.
4. Ask the guest to reconfirm the arrival date and departure date again.
5. collect a advance deposit for the complete room rental
1. Steady and fast Internet connection.
2. Mobile/ iPhone/iPod/iPad chargers and connectors.
3. Early and healthy breakfast.
4. Efficient & speedy service, discretion, accurate invoicing.
5.Swimming pool and other leisure activities in the hotel.
6. shopping malls, outlets, galleries, City maps, Area / Neighborhood information.
7. restaurant recommendation.
Great the guest.
Inquire the Last name / First name of the guest.
Search for the reservation record and print registration card ( if the same is not pre printed)
Present the Registration Card to guest for verifying / reconfirming pre-printed details Like :
First Name, Last Name.
Arrival Date. Time.
Departure Date, Expected time of departure.
Room Rate. Room Number. Room Type.
Method of payment.
Billing instructions.
Meal Plan
Request for ID Proof for local guest and Passport and Visa details for foreigners.
1. At 12:00 hrs daily, the duty manger should print the list of all due-out guests lists.
2. Once the late checkout request is approved by the front desk, the receptionist must enter the new time of departure on to the reservation record of the hotel software.
3. Notify Housekeeping department of the actual expected checkout time.
4. The latest a guest may check out without additional charge is 18:00hrs. After this time, the full rate must apply, as housekeeping cannot normally make these rooms up in time to resell them.
All the PMS / Front office software have two separate field to fill the billing instructions.

Short Code Description

BD Bill Direct
BTC Bill To company
WIFI Internet
RM Room
RM BTC Room Bill to Company
RM BTTA RD Room Bill to Travel Agent Rest Direct

Briefing with FO Team (Morning Shift)
Count Cash Float and read Front Office log book
Ensure cleanliness of the Lobby and Lounge
Review No Shows from last night
Check daily report (arrival, departure, VIP)
Check Pick up / Drop Report of the Day with Concierge
Control Registration Cards
Update FNB & HSK on VIP Rooms and specials requests
Check early arrivals
Check & Clear Trace / Flag (Timely Manner)
Check all expected departure balance, and ensure folio are settled.
Check that rooms are allocate if not report to a Manager
Handle Check In & Check Out

Introduce the main functions of the front desk

Skill needed for front desk agent

Training steps and procedures
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