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Christian Smock

No description

lib hist

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Christian Smock

Christian Smock
The race for empires
Disagreements about religion threw Europe into turmoil. Some of the disagreements led to war.
What were some events in Europe?
The protestant reformation is a religious movement begun by Martin Luther and the others in 1517 to reform the catholic church
What was the protestant reformation?
In the late 1500s king Philip II used spains wealth to drive the protestants out of England.
Spain & England go to war because?
Europeans wanted to find a northwest passage a water route through north America that would allow ships to sail from the Atlantic to the pacific
Search for a northwest passage from what?
How come europeans presence in North America?
Spain and Portugal focused on central America. They left much of north America unexplored.
How come English presence in the new world?
England decided to set up a permanent settlement in North America. This colony was established on English presence in the new world.
How come french presence in the new world?
France built its first North America settlement in Florida, when Huguenots started a few small colonies there in 1564. The spanish drove out the french and destroyed these settlements.
How come dutch presence in the new world?
The dutch, who had merchants fleets around the world, came in search of trade. They claimed the land between the Delaware & Hudson river and called it new nether land.
Today I learned that European,English,French, and Dutch all did something to presence in the North America and/or the new world.
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