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the creek by Tyler and Josh


Beth Smith

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of the creek by Tyler and Josh

Foundation crafts Phase 1 Men's roles food Tools and weapons Women's roles turtle shell dress,breech cloth
skints from deerskin, grass or
tree bark natural resources hunt for food plant crops
fish made tools
protect the people and make
sure no one
was hungry. Creeks for water, berries, nuts, herbs,
wild onions, vegetables, and they hunted
alligators, fish, deer, rabbits
bears, squirrels, ducks, doves,
bobwhite quail. Homes Winter homes made out of mud clay, grass, and sticks.
Summer home made out of wood and grass. The Creek WATER FROM CREEK TREES BERRIES DIRT STONE TALL GRASS AND NUTS. MENS JOBS Hunt for food plant crops catch fish
made tools protect people made sure that no one was hungry. raise the kids and help with
the crops. food/water source Creeks,fish,berries,vegetables,nuts,
herbs, wild onions, soup.
Hunted alligators, bears,
rabbits,squirrels, ducks,
doves, bobwhite quail, Their weapons were spears
knives bows guns and blow darts Communication They spoke Muskogee. thank you for our facts Lassieur Allison,
Sonneborn Liz,
Barbara A.
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