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No description

harry bannon

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Skrillex

Issues and struggles!
Sonny was bullied most of his life.Sonny felt like he was lonely and music was all that could help him.At one point people believed he was on drugs opr mental help pills.But i dont think he was.
He are some songs I like by skrillex!
*Make it bun dem
*Scary monsters nice sprites
*first of the year
*kill everybody

Role Model
Here is why I think skrillex is a good role model.He is a good role model because he shows no matter the way you look,sound,speak you can be respected if you treat people with respect!
Early Life
Sonny John Moore was born in January on the 15th 1988.
He had lived in california
with foster parents.
He lived with these foster parents because he was abandoned.He had a hard life because of his parents and he was bullied because of the way he looked.
Sonny john Moore!
There emblem!
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