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pantoum poem

No description

victoria rose

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of pantoum poem

By: Victoria and Briana The pantoum poem History of the Pantoum The Poetic Structure Image with sentance Written Analysis. The Pantoum poem started in France.
Ernest Fouinet was the first to use this type of poem in France in the 19th century. Among all the poems this is one of the slowest, because it always is going back and repeating. "Toiling in the town is Horrid." 1-2-3-4 first line
2-5-4-6 second line
5-7-6-8 Third Line
7-9-8-10 fourth line
9-3-10-1 final line Every other line from the quatrain must repeat its self in the next quatrain. There is no specific amounts of quatrains that can or can not be written, The final quatrain must end with the first line from the first quatrain. We picked this image because through the poem the author is talking about a very hot day and being irritated with being outside, the heat and being alone is driving her insane. This picture was chosen to describe our poem because When I read the poem I imagine an old town with the sun shining down with crowded streets. A woman sitting alone in a house, looking out on the busy streets becoming irritated with the heat outside, and the crowded people out on the street. The picture also related to our poem style because its a very slow form of poem, and simple in the way that it returns to the beginning, just like the picture.
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