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BUST Magazine

No description

Bryana Scalley

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of BUST Magazine


founded in 1993 by Debbie Stoller, Laurie Henzel, and Marcelle Karp who met while working at Nickelodeon
the original BUST was a photocopied, hand assembled zine
BUST is an answer to the typical women's magazines you find on the newsstands - it “might [have been] the only way to rouse the young women who grew up in the 1980’s from a post-feminist ideological slumber.”
today BUST functions as a bi-monthly magazine with 93,500 circulation
a subscription is $19.95/year or $29.95 for two years
cover price of $5.99
BUST is printed on recycled paper
each issue has a profile of an influential woman, often a musician or actress
‘bright, cutting-edge, urban-dwelling, influential young women' - 90% of readers are women
age range: 18-34
average income is $69,000
97.5% of readers are over 21
80% refer to BUST for fashion
76% own a car
95% buy organic/eco/green/sustainable products
91% say that BUST is their favorite magazine
only 9% live in the Midwestern US and 80% of readers live in cities
68% of readers have purchased products from BUST advertisers
the majority of ads are for music (various albums about to be released) with fashion coming in a close second
90% of the readership listened to alternative/indie/punk music
there is an emphasis on small business and independent music.
this makes for a larger BoB
Back Cover (x1) $11,776 (x3)$10,559 (x6)$10,010 (x9)$9,421 (x12)$8,244

Inside Front Spread (x1)$11,200 (x3)$10,080 (x6)$9,632 (x9)$8,960 (x12)$7,820

Inside Back Cover (x1)$8,640 (x3)$7,776 (x6)$7,410 (x9)$6,912 (x12)$6,048

Full Page (x1)$6,400 (x3)$5,760 (x6)$5,440 (x9)$5,120 (x12)$4,480

Half Page (x1)$4,147 (x3)$3,732 (x6)$3,525 (x9)$3,138 (x12)$2,904

the original zine look
is a bi-monthly magazine produced by a non-profit as a feminist response to pop culture
readers can subscribe to the print magazine or join the B-Hive to get a digital subscription
the B-Hive has customized digital issues, including a 'fashion forward' option
cover price $4, $25/year US subscription, $5/month basic digital subscription
fashion and music magazine with a focus on 'alternative' styles
10 issues released a year, $19.95 subscription fee and $4 cover price
there is also Nylon Guys, with men's fashion with an odd emphasis on food
circulation of 225,000 (original Nylon, not Guys)
Bust has a strong social media presence on Twitter and Facebook
their blog is updated several times a day and they're very responsive on Twitter with 41,290 followers
the blog is the most robust online feature, with the Twitter
their website could use some updating - there are several dead links that need to be removed or fixed.
BUST radio is a playlist available on the website
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