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Jake, Reinvented

No description

Pierson Elliott

on 3 January 2017

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Transcript of Jake, Reinvented

Jake, Reinvented
New Kid
Jake isn't your stereotypical new kid
Jake is unusually carefree and "Chill" even compared to fellow seniors in high school with basically nothing to do.
Jake doesn't seem to care about his house, He doesn't even enjoy the parties that occur at his house.
Jake also joined the football team. This also seems very peculiar as Jake isn't very naturally athletic.
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"I didn't.' The coach shrugged. 'He recruited himself. Last June, after school is out, I'm in my office winding up the year, and he just ind of shows up. Says he's moving to the district and he wants to play for the Broncos. So I ask him the usual questions-what experience he's had, what positions he's played. Zero. He doesn't know football from go fish. But he's begging me-won't take no for an answer.(20)"
Key concepts
Social Hierarchy
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