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Atout Tribe

No description

Aaliyah Iden

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of Atout Tribe

Where are they located?
They are usually located in Sudan and Ethiopia, but they are commonly found in Sudan rather than Ethiopia.
Their language is Thok Cieng Reel.
Original Name
They maybe known as the Atout tribe but they know themselves as the Reel or nei cieng Reel.
They have adopted Christianity and some are muslims. They don't have that much of a difference with the Dinka and Nuer tribes.
About 100,000 people have joined their tribe around the world.
Atout Tribe

They protect themselves using bow and arrows.
Prezi by
Evelyn Carnahan, Aaliyah Iden, John Long and Lillian Walls

How do they protect themselves
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