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...Butts go here

No description

Chandler Lee

on 28 May 2017

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Transcript of ...Butts go here

Butts butts everywhere, but not a booty to twerk
Plot stuff

4 playables
Alright so a basic plot skeleton first
19 years ago a world war ended and all nations were unified under one senate. Two generals and war heroes, Viktor Gein and Bartholomew Raime are set to retire
Viktor tells Raime that he believes the senate will not remain stable and cant be trusted cause corruption
Raime merely tells him that the war is over and to stop all the worrying
Viktor is like u rite
Viktor then sends assassins to kill Raime's wife.
When Raime finds a hot corpse he's pissed, naturally.
So he goes to his only friend, Viktor, who is of course like 'it's the senate'.
While still in control of their soldiers they overthrow the senate and establish an autocracy
Viktor then betrays his friend, but instead of the killings he sends him to life in jail.

Cut to the now times.
For 18 years the new regime has been in totalitarian power
about 8 years back they began to do testing on young people officially. (they had been doing it under the table for longer, see Arryn)
in the vain of building a better world experiments designed to make super human cyborg people.
Starts as optional at first
then encouraged
then the govt just started taking kids from houses
resistance sprouts up
that's where we enter

First mission will be with your choice of any of the 4 playable characters, Carver, Arryn, Koda, or Rhodes
its a prison break
you're going to break out the only person who knows Viktor well enough, Raime.
The Criminal/The Brawler
Same age as Koda
Orphan, parents died either in the war or the revolution.
When he was 8 he stole a ham and a loaf of bread from a deli. Subsequently he was taken to prison. Not juvie, flat out prison. Had to grow up in the jail. When he was 16 he was actually doing alright in the jail, had gotten tough, carved out a decent life for himself. There were very few rules in the jail so the prisoners had a lot of leeway. With 2 years left on his sentence some scientists show up at the jail to get some subjects. Rhodes gets selected.

Gets drugged up and put under for testing. They replace his entire left arm and his right forearm/hand with robotic ones. They had done this before but had problems making the new limbs connect with the brain and muscles. Well Rhodes' arms worked, so well the scientists couldn't shut them off.

Tore his way through the scientists and the whole jail, people died. Winds up on the streets, wanted. Ends up pit fighting for money(he pulls his punches to avoid the murder). Ashleign finds him while doing business with another sketchy person at the fight club and notices that he doesn't seem to enjoy it like the other scumbags. She offers him a real life and a spot in the resistance.

He's been in the resistance the third longest of the playables after Carver and Arryn.

Personality: The least hateful of our characters, sorta loves the fighting. "Before the resistance I was just a scumbag excon, now i'm a freaking hero." A man of simplicity, his solution to most problems is 'Hit it hard' and if that fails he'll usually opt for 'hit it harder'.

Around base he likes to sleep, listen to the radio, and be in the gym punching things.

Partner: Koda Bushin.
Doesnt think much of Koda, Koda was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth and Rhodes didn't have parents. Rhodes sees him as sorta a pretty boy.
If they don't get along he'll attack Koda for being a noble and can't be trusted.
If they do get along he'll see Koda as the one good noble.
Rhodes' Stuff
Fights with his fists, like a man.
Robotic parts have black circuit lines and nodes(see picture)
Appearance: Hair is opposite of Koda, messy and dark
Clothing would leave arms exposed, at least forearms. Wraps his fists to hide some of the lines. Possibly leave abs exposed cause he's somewhat cocky.
Abilities: Superhuman arm strength, palladium or some fake metal arms.

Rhodes has gone through the smallest amount of emotional change in his life but arguably the most significant change. When he was a kid on the street he was angry and jealous of all of the people leading normal lives. When he was in prison he was angry he was in prison. When he was taken for testing he was furious they turned him into a cyborg. When Ashleign finds him he's still taking out his rage in a fight pit. When he becomes a resistance fighter he loves it. For the first time in his life he felt like something, so he does everything he can for the resistance, helps everyone, works his ass off. Koda wants to be the hero of the world, Rhodes just is a hero to those around him.

Koda Bushin
The Nobleman(need a better tag ID)
19 or 20
Son of Lord Bushin(formerly Dr. Bushin before the Coup), the head of Research and Development for the Regime.

Koda was being raised to be the Regime's next scientific mastermind. Then Koda got into some of his father's files and discovered the terrible human projects his father was supervising, permitting, and working on. We're talking cutting open kids and stuff here.
Appalled by this he stole all the prototype technology and blueprints he could get his hands on and ran away.
Winds up on the streets because he is a dumb kid and doesn't know how to behave like a non nobleman, also doesn't have money, cause why would he need money living in his estate?
Tracks down the resistance and quite literally breaks in to confront the leader Ashleign and ask her to let him join in order to clean his family name and (just like zuko) restore his honor.

Personality: Confident, dignified, classy, very precise about things, a bit snobby. Is put off by the filth and the nasty business that is war. He was raised on speeches from the king about how the people needed a strong noble ruler, and he actually believed the nonsense about nobles needing to selflessly help the people. His father tried to get the whole 'do things for the better of the nation' idea in his head so he could one day he could convince Koda that the evil science things were for the good of the nation. But instead when Koda found out he ran away. Koda is all about appearing to be this hero to the people, to be the sort of noble he was raised to believe in. Tries to present an outward appearance of calm, collected, and never outright angry. He is torn between his family and the friends he grew up with and what his perception of right is. Wants to appear perfect, despite inner feelings.

Partnered with Rhodes
Views Rhodes as kind of a Brute, looks down on him somewhat for being a criminal and messy
If they get along he sees him as a man wronged by the system and respects him(and arryn) for coping with what was done to them and moving on.
If not he'll just see Rhodes as a good for nothing criminal

Koda's stuff:
Prototype Plasma/laser cutting blade: Can cut through virtually anything, well at least in design.
Exo-grip boots: Allow him to stick to walls
Stim nueral enhancement- Allows him to activate to think at a beyond human rate and move at 2x speed(for his special)

Abilities: Above human intellect., understands from medicine, to robotics, to neuroscience.

Looks: Im thinking blonde hair, maybe long and pulled back, very neat and clean. Would wear nicer clothes. He's big on his outward appearance, wants to be the shining symbol of what nobility should be. Wants to look like the opposite of his father.

Something to understand about Koda: He is an idealist, he believes in the political speeches he heard growing up and believes that just a handful of people can run and save the world. His alleigance to the resistance is based off of him seeing people like Ashleign and Raime(I mean he is basically just not evil Gein) as the kind of people that can help him save the world.
Carver: The Gunner
Mid to late 20s, he's the oldest of our playable characters.
Former Regime Soldier.
Weapons specialist.

Personality: Stoic, collected, usually calm and quiet. The kind of person to value the completion of the mission over most other things. Carver is the most like a professional, war is his job and he's been damn good at it since before he joined the resistance. However he separates his 'work' from his personal life. This leaves him quiet around the base, he doesnt talk too much to people. The only people he has real conversations with are Ashleign and Eli(the cook) because Eli knew Carver before all this and Ashleign has a strong connection to Carver from their time working side by side. Before the resistance, back when his wife was still alive Carver was largely similar, he was a calm man that did his job with the military with a sort of silent resolve.

If you're leaning towards the good ending he will begin to open up to others, including telling Arryn about his past.

Partnered with Arryn.
Views Arryn as young, brash, a little hostile, and naïve. If they cooperate he'll think she's good natured and will sort of become fatherly/big brotherly towards her.
If they don't he'll begin to think of her as either useless or a danger to those around her.

Got married young, too young. Had a baby girl.
Needed money to pay the bills, joined the military. His job was working with a division of the military that handled busting drug dealers, weapon makers, general criminals.
Turned out to be good at that.
Once when he was out doing the military policing stuff some scientists and soldiers show up in his home town. Start taking kids.
Carver's wife refuses to give up their daughter, the military are supposed to get exemption from this (at the time) new policy of experiments on certain kids.
She gets shot for 'crimes against the Regime'. Daughter is taken for experimenting.
Carver returns home to find a grave for his wife and no daughter.
Kills his commanding officer and a large portion of his squad.
A freind of his named Eli tells him of a way to get his daughter back that isnt just murdering everyone. Eli takes Carver to meet the (at the time) leader of the resistance, Sandor.

Becomes an invaluable asset to the resistance for his sheer skill handling raids and just with his military knowledge.
Carver's stuff:
Uses 2 handguns.
Around base he can be found drinking with the mess hall chef Eli, working on weapons, or reading in his bunk.
Abilities: Marksman, weapons specialist, sniper, can play a mean guitar.
Clothing: Originally I was thinking a long jacket and flak vest.
Mike recommended a bomber jacket.
Now I'm thinking more old fashioned gunslinger. Some jacket, tight vest with holsters, long pants, dark color and stained with mud.
Messy brown hair, idk eyes, possibly goggles round the neck.

The main Arc of Carver's story revolves around his pursuit of revenge. When he joins the resistance he is solely focused on revenge, he very slowly begins to cool off as he is with the resistance but it never leaves his mind. Our actions in the game determine how he handles his revenge. When he discovers the death of his daughter during testings he then has to fight Frost(Or Arryn does with Carver's assistance if you get that ending). He can either break down after that and view that at all the revenge he'll get and vanish from the resistance. Or he can take up a new pledge, not of revenge, but rather to make sure to stop the Regime's tests and stop this from happening to anyone else.
Arryn: The experiment/ the Spitfire.
Late teens- youngest playable.
Taken and experimented on at young age(3). Parents willingly gave her away.
Her experiment design was to manipulate fire. Instead she both spews and can manipulate smoke. In rare instances she will breathe fire. Her body modifications make her tougher than a regular human. Escaped the northern testing facility in extreme fashion at age 11 when an experiment to push for her body to pump fire through it went awry. The device was installed but in testing it only created a thick dark grey smoke. The scientists went to adjust the modifications inside her and when they sewed her back up and let the mods run she finally breathed the fire they were looking for, but all over everyone and everything around. Burning her way through anything in her way she torched out of the testing facility. Months later an 12 year old Arryn is found by Ashleign cowering in a gutter and begging for food. Ashleign(who has to be 20 or so at this point) brings her to the resistance and sort of becomes an older sister/mother figure to the young Arryn who would grow up in the resistance.

Partnered with Carver.
Sees him as this symbol of people changing, a bad guy turned good.
If they don't cooperate she'll just think he's a no good soldier out only for himself.
If they get along he becomes a older brother figure.

Personality: Crass, tough, curses a lot, has daddy issues, covers up insecurities over her body modifications by being all tough and loud. Avoids most signs of femininity. Bad at dealing with emotions. Has a habit of running from emotions.

Around base she can only be found on the old radio tower on the top of the HQ smoking(later reading if conditions are met) or near the infirmary.
Her main friend around base is the medic, a young teenage girl who I've yet to name.
If conditions are met she'll be close to Carver, Rhodes, even Koda, and Eli the chef.

Character development stuff
Time period: when theyre like this
personality: what theyre like
catalyst: event(or lack thereof) that changes them

Koda Bushin
Time period: childhood.
personality: a happy and perfect child. loved to play around his estate with the other noble boys, played soldier. He loved the thought of the military heroes like King Viktor, he listened to all the speeches and all the rhetoric about the nobility and the military being what the people needed.
Catalyst: His father began to relay the message to him that as nobles they had to do what was 'best' for the people. (Gradual, not sudden)
Time period: late childhood-teens
personality: becomes more studious and proud, holds of a sense of superiority from how praised his father is and that he is being heralded as his father's perfect successor. Starts to set himself aside from his friends that are lower nobles and becomes more closed off. It's during this time he becomes so intelligent.
Catalyst: Finds about his father's evil researches.
Time period: late teens-now
personality: ashamed, humbled, determined to bring honor/esteem back to his family name now that he knows his father is pretty much a monster. Becomes more angry, willing to leave his comfort zone and go out to actually do things, willing to change.
Catalyst: joins resistance.
Time period: now
See Koda's whole profile.

Some baseline things to understand:

So the game will operate on a mission style similar to megaman.

Our playable characters, Koda, Rhodes, Carver, and Arryn are divided into 2 duos.

Carver and Arryn
Rhodes and Koda

Missions will be in 'sets' with 2 missions and 1 boss mission. 1 mission designated for each member of the duos and then the boss mission has no recommended character.

Completing missions gives you EXP on whichever character completes it, leveling up gives the characters new moves for combat. Currently i'm thinking about just locking it at 2 missions gets you a level.

Now the player has the ability to give the mission to another character,
so you can take Arryns mission, give it to carver, and let carver keep his mission, and he will be leveled up to take on the boss.

The ending and story of the game will depend upon how you give out the missions, and if you talk to NPCs and other playable characters around base. Each time you complete all missions in both sets the dialogue will be new with characters around base.
Catalyst mission permutations:
Each pair has a 'catalyst' mission in which your choices with them are reflected.
For Koda and Rhodes it is the mission against Selorious Venn
For Arryn and Carver it's the mission against Frost.
Permutations are determined by mission spread and how much npcs you talk to.
Arryn and Carver
Catalyst Mission: Frost

Perfect: 50/50 mission spread and talking to npcs with both characters.
Results: Frost begins on low hp, keep both characters, more
Ending: 1

Good 1: 50/50 mission spread. No npc stuff.
Results: Carver leaves after Frost mission, more

Good 2: 50/50 mission spread. Only Arryn npc stuff.
Results: Carver leaves after Frost mission, more

Good 3: 50/50 mission spread. Only Carver npc stuff.
Results: Idklol

Fine 1: Carver gets all boss missions. Talk to Npcs with both.
Results: Keep Carver, more

Fine 2: Arryn gets boss missions. Talk to Npcs with both.
Results: Idklol

Okay 1: Carver gets boss missions. Just Carver talks to Npcs.
Results: Idklol

Okay 2: Carver gets boss missions. Just Arryn talks to Npcs.
Results: Idklol

Okay 3: Arryn gets boss missions. Just Carver talks to Npcs.
Results: Idklol

Okay 4: Arryn gets boss missions. Just Arryn talks to Npcs.
Results: Idklol

Meh 1: Carver Boss missions, no npc stuff.
Results: Idklol

Meh 2: Arryn Boss missions, no npc stuff.
Results: Idklol

Bad 1: Carver all or most missions, both talk to npcs.
Results: Idklol

Bad 2: Carver all or most missions, both talk to npcs.
Results: Idklol

Worse 1: All missions to Carver, just Carver npcs.
Results: Idklol

Worse 2: All missions to Carver, just Arryn npcs.
Results: Idklol

Worse 3: All missions to Arryn, Just Carver npcs.
Results: Idklol

Worse 4: All missions to Arryn, Just Carver npcs.
Results: Idklol

Worst 1: All Missions to Carver, no npcs
Results: Idklol

Worst 2: All missions to Arryn, np npcs.
About the same age as Carver, maybe a year older or younger.
Current Resistance leader.

Ashleign has almost no military training but she has an amazing mind for leading people. She cares deeply about the members of the resistance and avoids risking lives for unnecessary things.

Ashleign was very young when the Coup happened and her parents were supporters of the senate.
With some like-minded people the resistance is founded in its original form, solely opposing the Regime's rule at the beginning. The Regime uses them as a target to assert dominance and conducts a raid of Ash's hometown. During a meeting in their house Regime Soldiers kick down the door and shoot most of the resistance leaders, including Ash's parents. Her uncle Sandor grabs her and runs out the back, escaping. Sandor becomes the new leader of the resistance and the resistance moves far and fast, they will relocate a few times before finding thier eventual home in a large building attached to an old subway/rail station that had been abandoned since the war.

Ashleign grows up fighting the regime, seeing members of the resistance come and go. This changes her to value keeping people alive and leads to her developing her leadership and strategic skills rather than her fighting.

When Carver joins the resistance at first she hated him since he was an ex soldier. After working together for long enough she understood he left the military because he saw how wrong it was. Eventually he tells her about his wife and daughter. Carver is the one that teaches Ashleign how to really shoot.
Carver effectively becomes the muscle to her brains.

One day when going on what should have been a routine supply run the vehicle the resistance was using runs over a mine. In the wreckage most of the squad, including Sandor, was killed. Rather than panic , Ashleign keeps her cool and begins to issue orders to the survivors, Carver shakes off the shell-shock and helps her get people out and then takes out a Regime patrol car that comes to the explosion. Thanks to Ashleign and Carver they manage to get out of there before reinforcements showed up for the Regime.

After this Ashleign becomes the defacto leader of the resistance. (This is shortly before Rhodes joins).
Ashleign Continued.
Personality: Growing up as a scared kid without a mom and dad Ash is more or less raised by the older members of the resistance, plenty of whom die.

She develops a very high value of the lives of her allies. It is this personality trait that slowly changes the resistance from solely opposing the Regime to trying to stop the Regime's human crimes; experimenting, labor camps, the terrible jails.

What Ashleign lacks in combat skill she makes up for in understanding what it takes to keep the resistance alive. She doesn't want to lose people and she's damn good at keeping people safe and alive.

Since becoming the leader she has always portrayed herself as cool, calm, and collected despite the immense amount of stress she's going through. She is excellent at handling when problems pop up in her plans.

It is her belief that the best way to beat the Regime is to show the world can last and survive opposing the Regime.

She tries to be a compassionate leader, and is. However if anything jeopardizes the resistance she will shut is down hard and quickly.

She grew a spine in her teenage years and began to question and protest against some of Sandor's riskier guerrilla tactics.

Relationships with the 4 main characters:
Carver: The two trust eachother closely and have known eachother for years. Ashleign is one of the few people that he has told about his wife and daughter. Ashleign views him as her closest friend and does her best to involve him in the non-violent parts of the resistance aswell to help him get over his revenge filled bloodlust. She has feelings for Carver but either doesn't identify or address them.

Arryn: Arryn is like her little sister, she trusts her and has known her almost as long as she's known Carver. She wants Arryn to be safe but understands Arryn wants to and can fight. Pairs Arryn with Carver to keep her safe and because she knows they're both capable. Sees Arryn as a symbol of kids growing up to oppose the Regime.

Rhodes: At first she thought Rhodes was this big brute that would be most useful for his strength and rage. Then as he became more active in the resistance she warmed up to him. Now sees Rhodes as one of the most vital parts of the resistance, unlike the rest of his team he loves the resistance in a different way. He is this big tough guy that still makes time to play with the younger kids around base and help with everything he can.

Koda: Ashleign isn't dumb, she knows trusting Koda is risky. His father is the one responsible for a huge amount of the crimes they're opposing. However she's also smart enough to see the huge value he has to the resistance. He is incredibly intelligent and is a fantastic figure-head for the resistance. So she hesitantly trusts him.
Bad Guys:
Selorious Venn:
The Sword of the Regime.
Codename: Knight.
Commander of what is effectively the special forces of the Regime, The Chancery. His job is to eliminate any 'threats to the Regime'.

Relatively same age as Carver.

Born into a military family, top of his class at his military academy. Selorious has always been heralded and praised as the best at whatever he does.

He's good, damn good. He has become bored with his job, the war, just about everything. Taking out rebels and traitors has become so easy he has stopped using his sword to do so. He believes cyborg modifications are beneath him. He has beaten cyborgs so clearly they are nothing but the same as humans.

In all of his free time he has become lazy, spends a lot of time thinking, almost philosophical. When our heroes confront him the first time he just sees them as a joke, more rebels. The second time he sees us as a nuisance. The third time he is amazed we've come this far and lets us know that he is sad he has to end it. Then when we meet him in his cyborg form he has enough will left to tell us 'sorry' before fighting us one last time.

We see Selorious 4 or 5 times over the game.

Stage 1(demo stage): we meet him as he's talking to the Stage 1 boss, Julian Cuerno. He instructs Cuerno to dispatch these 'pathetic rebels'.

Stage 2: In the second mission he is defending the power relay the resistance is trying to get access to. Selorious notes that he has to stop us since Gein is furious that Selorious left Cuerno alone to guard Raime.
Fight: Any of the 4 can fight him here, he will use a limited moveset consisting of gun attacks and some fist attacks.

I think I want him to appear once more during Koda and Rhodes' mission line.

Koda/Rhodes Catalyst Mission: A direct attack on Selorious Venn's airship in order destroy the Regime's most powerful air weapon.
Fight: Koda or Rhodes fights him depending on what ending you're getting at this point. (Note: this is the mission Koda can betray the resistance). He uses his laser sword in this fight and is faster and aggressive.

Penultimate mission: final Boss in Boss Rush.
Selorious is the last bos you fight in the Boss Rush mission at the end. He is in a full cyborg state now like all of the bosses. His cyborg ID is Ex-Sel.
Fight: He is much faster and uses a combo of gun and sword moves, including now using a ranged sword swipe blast thing. This fight should be hard.
Selorious Venn continued:
Sword- Edict of the King.
This is his one of a kind laser sword. Designed after a Katana.
This is sword Koda's is modeled after.

Black Hair, shaved sides and pulled into a man-bun in the back.
The most traditional of all the bosses, wears his uniform. Very 'modern'(more futurey) military jacket and stuff. Regime colors.

Carrys a sidearm pistol, identical to Carver's.
Mission #1.
Mission #2.
Boss Mission #1.

Boss: Butane
Mission #3.
Mission #4.
Boss Mission #2.

Boss: Narcissa Ibleese
Mission #5.
Mission #6.
Catalyst Mission.

Boss: Selorious Venn
All Four:
Mission 3.
All Four:
Mission 4.
Boss Rush
All Four:
Final Mission

Boss: Lord Bushin
All Four:
Mission 1.

Boss: Julian Cuerno
All Four:
Mission 2.

Boss: Selorious Venn
Mission 1.
Mission 2.
Mission 3.
Mission 4.
Mission 5.
Mission 6.
Boss Mission 1.

Boss Mission 2.

Catalyst Mission.

Boss: Frost

1: Outer Frame
2: Empty space/air
3: Particle Accelerator/laser maker
The sword does not have an actual blade. Instead it has a particle accelerator(I think that makes lasers) attached to the back of the sword's frame which produces a stream of laser to cut whatever it comes into contact in. The front of the sword is two thin metal bars/wire things that restrict the laser edge to just past the metal. It's worth noting that this is not efficient as opposed to Koda's sword which has a much simpler method of creating and restricting the laser. However its considered the first of its kind of weapon and is so useful that it's worth all of the repairs and modifications that have to be done to keep it working.
Chateau De Chandler. For art, butts, and art about butts.
Julian Cuerno:
Codename: Primal
A year or two older than Rhodes and Koda. (20)
A Rebel Hunter, his entire job is to hunt down and kill/imprison rebels.

Cuerno comes from one of the farther off lands unified after the Last Great War. His father was a military zealot and loved when The Regime took over. Too poor to enroll young Julian into military academy he taught him to hunt, often telling the young boy to kill something to eat or go hungry.

Julian became an extremely good hunter of everything. One day a man from the Regime arrived offering Julian's father a position as a head rebel hunter. Julian would kill his father before he could accept, insisting that he was better suited for the job. The Regime, being evil, took him happily for his viciousness and lack of remorse.

It turned out Cuerno is really good at killing people, a trait he shares with Selorious Venn. However he is wild, untrustworthy, and prone to fits of rage and destruction. He was promoted to one of the highest ranks in the military's Rebel Hunting division but he viewed himself as above just being a hunter. He wanted to be a part of Selorious Venn's Chancery.

This is the brunt of what we know about Cuerno, he's one of those characters whose actions are more interesting than his past. Passed killing his father in cold blood his past is more or less no consequence as his main purpose is that he's trying to prove himself as worthy to the Regime's higher ups and Selorious Venn.

Personality wise he's a fucking monster. Vain, egotistical, lunatic, heartless, and spanish. Enjoys the hunt and the violence. A firm believer that a man is only as good as his pile of corpses is tall. He loathes our protagonists for being rebels, he views them as stepping stones to a better position in life.

Like most bosses, Cuerno appears twice in the game. Both as his mission boss. He does not appear in the Boss Rush.

Stage 1(Demo Stage): We meet Cuerno arguing with Selorious Venn. Selorious is ordering Cuerno to guard Raime's cell and Cuerno is complaining how he is above that. When our characters enter the boss room Selorious notes how perfect of an opportunity this is for Cuerno to prove himself and teleports away.

Fight 1: It's the first boss, so the easiest. Cuerno is no slouch though, dude can fight. Weapons consist of throwing daggers that split into 2 when they hit a wall. Bolas that shock their targets. And a handgun.

Cuerno's attacks are fast and his real weakness is his habit of taunting and really only moving to attack.

First Stage in the Final Mission Set:
Cuerno suits my purpose as the example of exactly what the Regime wants from their cyborg program. They took a man who's largest flaw was his personality and ripped that personality out. We remeet Cuerno being removed from a pod at the end of the mission, all cyborged up and now being called UNI-CUE(Get it Unit Cuerno, but also like unique, which he isn't cause hes just another robot now GET IT?!?!). UNI-CUE labels our heroes as rebels and states his purpose is to eliminate rebels.

Fight 2:
UNI-CUE has the same moves unless chandler wants to think up some new robo ones. The main difference in this fight is why Cuerno is my example boss. He no longer taunts, he moves constantly and quickly. Very little pausing and opening. Should be one of the toughest bosses in the game.
Julian Fuckin' Cuerno continued:
If we rate this game M I really want him to call himself Julian Fucking Cuerno.

He's too cool for the standard uniform(so he thinks) so I'm feeling he'd wear like a military jacket and no shirt, just brimming with weapons or something. I honestly don't know. Chandler just draw me a dangerous, spanish lunatic in his 20s who just so happens to be in the military.

Throwing knives: Specially designed so that when they collide with anything they split in half and fire back out in diagonals from where they hit.

Bolas: Bolas with electronic balls that shock and or explode on impact.

Handgun: a standard issue handgun like Selorious and Carver carry, but covered in marks from all the kills Cuerno has racked up with it. He just shoots people with it.
Same age as Arryn.
The Medcanic(Medic and mechanic, hahahahahahhah jokes)

All but born into the resistance, Corona's parents joined the resistance before she could walk. By the time the game opens up they've both probably been dead for a while. Her and Arryn become close friends when the two girls meet, both being the same age and having the resistance being their real family.

A certifiable genius with engineering. By the age of 6 Corona had begun taking things apart and putting them together again. By age 10 she made a fully operational ballistic cannon and blew a hole through a wall in the base. When she was 12 she started learning how to medicine and injuries work and how to fix them. When she was 15 she became the base's full time medic and mechanic, or as she calls herself a 'Medcanic'.

She is the only one smart enough to operate on Arryn's lungs and heart to make sure it's all operating correctly. She also maintains Rhodes' arms and makes fully functioning prosthetic arms for wounded resistance members.

A socially awkward character, she's much more comfortable with a helicopter engine than a conversation. The only people she can manage a conversation with are Arryn and Ashleign solely because she's known them for so long. She is good spirited and is at least always happy when talking to other characters, albeit her tendency to start talking about servos, nuts, bolts, belts, propellers, and how awesome it is to blow stuff up.

She's real blunt and sorta crude. Once told Rhodes that she considered taking his arms off while she was operating on him to experiment on them further, but the amount of blood he would have lost from her taking them off would be a pain to clean up.
More Corona:

Relationships with the main 4:

Rhodes: Rhodes is one of her favorite projects to work on. She likes to tune and fuck with his arms to see how much more power she can add to his moves. Much to the chagrin of Rhodes she does not pay attention to his jokes or his muscles, only his robo arms. Viewing him as a science project which strains their relationship. However shes the only medic that can work on him, so he puts up with her shit.

Koda: These two don't get along like at all. Koda believes science should only be tested on in the safest ways possible and only for specific reasons. Corona is more about building something and then just seeing what it does. Koda does respect her intelligence though and will talk to her about designs and possible improvements for technology either of them have developed.

Carver: Due to Carver's stoic nature he is always hesitant to go to others for help. In the rare instances he is wounded enough to warrant a visit to Corona's lab he usually has to be dragged there by Ashleign and Rhodes/Arryn. They simply have nothing to talk about other than their mutual friend Arryn and even then Carver doesn't like talking to the spastic and awkward Corona.

Arryn: Her best friend and I'm thinking we say romantic interest. They get along purely off of shared experiences and Arryn laughs at Corona's weird/dumb jokes. Corona is the only one Arryn trusts to even see the inner workings of her body mods, despite Koda asking many times to inspect them. Corona tries to act like not a lunatic around Arryn but usually just ends up making a fool of herself, however Arryn keeps coming back to talk to her so there is some feeling of mutuality between the two.

Appearance: She wears engineer overalls with the top part pulled down around her waist, her pants are usually stained with grease but she keeps her hands clean for surgery.
Once again I'm drawing a blank on design for her.
Top's B.U.T.T.S. Initiative Section
Narcissa Aria Ibleese:
Heir to the Ibleese Production Company
Member of the Chancery.
Codename: Highness

Age: 19

Narcissa is the only child of Walter Ibleese, a military contractor who owns the largest weapon grade production facilities in the world. He joined with The Regime shortly after the coup and has been producing everything from weapons to robots and cyborg modifications for the Regime since. This has made him the wealthiest man in the world since the coup.

Narcissa has been raised having everything she's every wanted. She is smart as can be and can pick apart a machine's buildup by just looking at it. However she absolutely loathes machines, work, the war, and most of her allies. Narcissa mostly cares about herself, her appearance, and relaxing.

Childhood friends with Koda, their parents intended for the two of them to marry, which would have made them the most powerful couple in the world with control over all of the Regime's cyborg and military tech. Narcissa does not like her father as he is kinda a scumbag who pretty much used her as a way to get Lord Bushin on his side.

Narcissa was put in charge of a very large factory that produces a lot of the Regime's more high-end weapons and robots.

Notably hard to work with her father designed a large battle droid to act as her bodyguard, UTR-21-1. With some adjustments by Narcissa she turned him into her own droid, BUTLER. A top of the line droid equipped with everything from machine guns to short range missiles and tasers, as well as an encyclopedic knowledge of cooking and wines.

Narcissa does not fight as she has BUTLER to do that for her, also she'd sooner die then ruin her clothing, she is rather vain(no shit her name is narcissa). However she is not without emotions, she still views Koda as her once best friend and is upset when she has to fight him. Offering him a chance to come back to the Regime, which Koda will take if you're getting that ending. Alternatively Koda(or maybe Rhodes idk yet) can win her over and bring her to the Resistances side.

We meet Narcissa 3(at least) times in the game. First as a mission boss. Second in the Boss Rush(this is where you can get her on your side). And she is present for the final fight against Lord Bushin, either on your side or acting as the one trying to stop Koda from fighting his father.

Koda/Rhodes Boss Mission 2:
She expects Koda and either gets Koda or its Rhodes instead. Regardless she is unhappy that she has to fight Koda or unhappy that this man with arms her father built is here trying to shut down the factory.

BUTLER fights here in his original form. He's big and slow, has a screen dash with a charge up and just mostly projectile moves and the occasional big punch or kick.

Boss Rush:
Narcissa isn't a cyborg, because she's a noble and also it wouldn't help since she doesn't fight. Instead she either has UTR-22-1, which is just a stronger version of BUTLER or if Koda left the resistance you fight him here while Narcissa talks shit in the background.
Narcissa Continued:
Narcissa is kawaii as a motherfucker, stark contrast to her pretty shit personality.
Long blonde hair, maybe like curls and stuff.
Wears fancy dresses and heels and shit in the Regime colors(colors changed to match her hair and stuff, like lighter greens and shit, im no artist)

Big dumb robot, blocky in design, more armored core than gundam. None of his weapons are on the exterior, parts of his body open/change to do the fighting.
Has a set of jets on his back(kinda like mecha malphite) that charge up to let him do a screen dash.

Improved version of BUTLER for the Boss Rush. Has added a minigun and a flame thrower but that's really the only main changes. Other than that just a tougher version of the old robit.

Butane(Real name Unknown):
Colonel of the Enforcers.
Member of The Chancery.
Codename: Butane

Age: mid-to-late 30s

Butane was once a bare knuckle boxer, he loved to fight and had a minor obsession with being stronger. After beating the living shit out of a guy in a fight he was shot by another guy in the man's group. Got hit in the liver, was told he only had a small amount of time to live. He volunteered for the Regime's Cyborg initiative under the promise they could save him and make him stronger.

The Regime reconstructed about 80% of his body and put the rest in a metallic support suit. Gave him one oversized metal arm and hand and the other arm was turned into a large flamethrower/flamecannon on an axis that is about as tall as he is.

He was placed in a military group called the Enforcers. Their job is to go to areas that are at risk of defecting to the resistance and weeding out any supporters of the resistance and stamping it out before it can become a thing. Butane took it upon himself to accomplish this goal by burning resistance supporters alive and burning their homes down. His commanding officer reports this to the higher ups in the Regime, calling Butane a dangerous and volatile member of the team.
Regime responds by firing the officer and placing Butane in his position.

Over a few years Butane muscles out every other officer in the Enforcers and is named the Colonel of the Enforcers.

Selorious Venn offers him a position in the Chancery which he accepts.

An aggressive and angry man, enjoys violence and destruction. Hates Resistance members and most civilians, views them as beneath the military, which he views as below him. Has no value for the lives of his subordinates. Has and will kill troops that get in his way or protest against his methods.

Butane only makes 2 appearances in the game. Once as Butane, once as his fully cyborged form RE-BüT.

Rhodes/Koda Boss mission 1:
Butane is assaulting a small town near the Resistance HQ. Koda or Rhodes is sent to stop him.

Butane mostly uses combos of fire blasts and punches here. Has a grab move where he just roasts the target with his flame thrower. Also has a move where hs fires fireballs up into the air that rain fire back down. Very aggressive boss with weakpoints if you dodge/block his attacks.

Boss Rush:
Butane reappears coming out of a statis pod/crate thing. Now called RE-BüT. Features blue fire now and has a blitzcrank arm garb that he uses to fling the target into the wall behind him and then roast with the flame thrower.

The Chancery: A special military force made up of high ranking Regime officials, designed to act as a special team to handle and 'Threats to the Regme.'

Leader: Selorious Venn.

Narcissa Ibleese
Errol Corsair

Butane continued:

Butane is big and blocky. Like Gutsman and mecha malhpite had a flaming baby.

His flamethrower arm effectively looks like a giant PAX with a more flamethrower spout at the tip. It's also incredibly long, basically starting from his shoulder it goes to his knees, and then also goes above his head the opposite way. After the heavier fire moves it expands out the top to cool the flame system, also revealing a weak point.

Other arm is oversized aswell, but not the the same extent as the flame thrower. Has vents in the arm that allow him to do flaming punches without superheating the metal.

Main Missions:

1: Attack on the Prison: All four characters make an assault on a Regime Prison to free the Ex-Commander Bartholomew Raime.

2: Transmission Station: All four Characters, try to sneak into a Regime Transmission tower to gain access to the Regime's transmission system. Selorious Venn Intervenes but after defeating him they succeed and gain access to the system allowing them to use the Regime's teleportation technology from the base.

3: Raid on Small Town: Butane is attacking a small town near the Resistance Base, Rhodes or Koda is sent in to stop him. Foresty/small town mission.

4: Power Plant: Arryn or Carver go to set up a program that will send power to the Resistance base without the Regime being able to track it. Lightning Boss, haven't thought of it.

5: Factory Sabotage: Koda or Rhodes goes to shut down the Ibleese factory that is producing a huge amount of Regime death bots. Narcissa attempts to stop them and tries to talk Koda out of the Resistance.

6: Transmission Tower Access: The teleportation system we got access to doesn't give us full access to the Regime's systems. Carver or Arryn goes to a max security Transmission tower to get us access to the mainframe. Tower level you can fall all the way down if you miss jumps. Archer boss I don't know yet.

7: Attack on Canard: Koda and Rhodes use the newly acquired teleportation to teleport right onto Selorious Venn's Airship the Canard in hopes to bring the huge airweapon down. Catalyst Mission for Koda and Rhodes, Koda can betray here.

8: Free test subjects at Northern Test Facility: Carver and Arryn go to the testing facility where Arryn was experimented on to free the other test subjects from the largest test facility in the world. This is also where Carver's daughter was taken. Catalyst Mission for Carver and Arryn, Carver discovers his daughter has been dead for years, can either leave resistance or find a new reason to stay.

9: Attack on Palace: Raime makes the call to attack Gein's palace while Selorious Venn is injured. All four(or however many you have left) break into the palace and fight to the throne room to find it abandoned. UNI-CUE appears and attacks. We discover Gein has already escaped but also find the location of Lord Bushin's facility.

10: Endgame 1: All four(or however many you have left) attack Lord Bushin's factory/testing facility and get to the chambers where the newly cyborged Chancery is. Boss Rush.

11: Endgame 2: Final attack deep into Bushin's facility, short mission followed by multi-stage boss fight with Bushin who has gone full crazy and puts himself into a giant robot suit.

Credits Roll.
Arryn's stuff:
Fights with two pipes with holes in them to manipulate smoke through.
Abilities, can be repaired like a robit, or bandaged up like a regular human, depends what's injured. Manipluation of smoke, fire breathing, double jump.

Appearance: I'm thinking a darker skin, maybe Arabic. Red hair, dyed red not natural. Unnatural eye color, cause science. Wears something over her mouth, scarf, face mask, maybe a gas mask with the filters removed. Wears androgynous clothes, pants, maybe a big jacket over her shirt. Idk chandler is in charge of art.

Chandler Sketch #1:

So a note on how Arryn feels about femininity: When she was a test subject she was often called 'the girl' or the 'female subject' so she internalizes a feeling of inadequacy based around her being a girl. Her only female role model is Ashleign who is certainly feminine but is still a tough leader. Arryn seeks to get respect and be views as a valued member of the resistance by rejecting femininity and acting like a tough badass.
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