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80s Entertainment

No description

ananna rawr

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of 80s Entertainment

Freedom = Music New Genres New Wave/ Synthpop Glam Rock Metal Classic Rock Rap Synthesizer is main instrument Rock mixed with pop Inspired the glam rock style Electrifying guitar solos Screams and beats Extremely loud and obnoxious Metallica The rock and roll from the 1960s Rap had just begun to evolve in this era First rap song ever: Rapture by Blondie 1:50 Use of electrical instruments Video killed the radio star 1981 exposure for artists Technology Timeline First Personal Computer July 1,
1980 Windows and DNA Fingerprinting April 3: Laptop
May 22: Disposable Camera March 21,
1985 1986 May 23: Gameboy
November 24: Electronic
Pocket Calculator 1987 January 9,
1988 October 1,
1982 CD Player Studded Jewelery Big Hair Sleeves and Jeans Rolled Neon Brights polos and shorts feathered hair Glitzy Earrings Large Shoulder Pads DANCING! The Sprinkler Moonwalk THANKS FOR WATCHING! Early 80s Mid 80s Late 80s Transitional period from the 70s disco age bulky bright jackets bulky chains loose clothing mullets teased hair tight clothing spandex stone washed jeans mini skirts leggings Parachute Pants vans rebook outer wear langerie Inventions 80s icons & Fads Movies and television aerobics CABLE TV (1981) disco pants tight flayered pants Sharon Wood becomes the first North American woman to climb Mount. Everest Early Techno music AC/DC http://www.free80sarcade.com/pacman.php

“O Canada” Becomes National Anthem

The Marathon of Hope
1980- Hepatitis B Vaccine
1981 - Discovery of aids
1984- Apple Macintosh
1987- The First 3D Video Game (Master Maze)
1987- Disposable Contact Lenses Digital Cell Phone CALGARY WINTER OLYMPICS First Winter Olympics north of America.
Canada won no gold, however won silver and bronze medals. Terry Fox was a Canadian athlete and Cancer research supporter. Terry fox ran the marathon of hope to raise money for cancer patients.
Terry started his run in St. John’s, Newfoundland on April 12, 1980.
Terry passed away on June 28, 1981 at the age 22. 1750 athletes from 57 nations attended . In the games.
Michael Edwards became the most prestigious jumper in Calgary.

Last winterized confrontation of Communist superpowers.

This was a great multicultural event for Canada to show off it’s beautiful land and tourism potential overalls Guess Jeans Leg Warmers Jelly Shoes Converse Jump Suits 1988
Justine Blainey plays her first minor-bantam league hockey game in a boys' league.
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