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Differentiated Instruction Session 2

Matthew Bolthouse

on 1 February 2012

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Transcript of DI2

Differentiated Instruction
Session 2
"The Game Show"

Today's Info
The different ways they learn
The different ways you can set up the learning
The different tools you can use to teach


Learning Preferences
Multiple Intelligences (9 - Can you remember them?)
Environmental (noise level, lighting, organization)
Triarchic Intelligences (analytical, practical, creative)
Putting students into real world situations
Draw from past experiences
Create concrete new experiences
Choices must address the same learning goals
Choices may be based on interests or learning preferences
Choices are assessed in the same way
Student rolls a cube with a different task on each side
Good for tasks that involve a variety of perspectives or aspects of a topic
Use the same basic guidelines as choice boards
Choice Boards
Experiential Learning
RAFTs (Role, Audience, Format, Topic)
Headings written across the top of a grid and a number of options are created along the side
An option is chosen and the student reads across to find what role they will assume, audience they will address, format they will do the work, and topic they will explore
Coffee Pot
Tim Horton's Sign
Coffee Cup
Starbucks Sign
Diary Entry
Media Advertisement
How can we serve you better? Customer Service 101
How Tim's is the best coffee and how the cup should appreciate its being poured into them
How it feels to be part of the Tim Horton's franchise
Canadian symbol vs. American competition
Learning Contracts
Written agreement between the teacher and the student about a task to be completed including:
learning goals
assessment criteria
format of the work
organization details, i.e. timeline/checkpoints
review of contract components by student and teacher
Creating more than one version of a task for various levels of readiness
Same guidelines as choice boards and cubing
Show understanding of the core concept
Problem solve within that
Analyze and
60% of grade
75% of grade
85% of grade and up
Learning Centers or Stations
Different instructional tasks that take place in various places around the classroom or campus
Designed for individual, pair, and group work
To be continued at another fabulous staff meeting
"House Cup Teacher Showdown"
DI2 Quiz Show
Question 1
Students for 10 points
What learning preference theory was developed by Howard Gardner?
Multiple Intelligences
Question 2
Structures for 10 points
What differentiation structure involves a six-sided figure with different tasks on each side?
Question 3
Students for 20 points
What are the three learning styles?
Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic
Question 4
Structures for 20 points
Which differentiation structure involves creating more than one version of a task to respond to varied levels of readiness?
Question 5
Students for 40 points
Name the three Triarchic Intelligences.
Analytical, Practical, and Creative
Final Question
Structures for 40 points
What does the acronym R.A.F.T. stand for?
Role, Audience, Format, Topic
Thank you for being a wonderful audience!
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