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What makes social interactions hard?

Presentation of the Veni project (2013-16)

Jakub Szymanik

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of What makes social interactions hard?

What makes social interactions hard? Jakub Szymanik 1939: The Allies didn't know the code.
1941: The Allies knew the code. The Nazis didn't know that the Allies knew the code.
1945: The Allies knew the code. The Nazis knew that the Allies knew the code. The Allies didn't know that the Nazis knew that the Allies knew the code. Reasoning about knowledge Reasoning about knowledge can be hard. Still, we do that every day and we are pretty good at it. As yet, computers cannot 'read minds'. LL LR RL RR Why is it hard to simulate reasoning about knowledge? Global (logical) perspective lists all possibilities. Too complex representations The goal of the project To propose simpler representations and prove that they make reasoning about knowledge easier Epistemic horizon Agent's internal perspective Right, Left Relate to the models of human cognition To sum up Simpler logical representations
Factors contributing to the complexity
Realistic model of reasoning LOGIC COMPUTER
SCIENCE Realistic methodology Can complexity tell us anything about cognitive processing? Szymanik & Zajenkowski. Comprehension of simple quantifiers. Empirical evaluation of a computational model, Cognitive Science, 34(3), 2010. At least 3 cars are black. Most of the cars are black Astronomical numbers Gierasimczuk & Szymanik. A note on a generalization of the Muddy Children Puzzle, Proc. of the 13th Conference on Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge, K. Apt (Ed.), ACM Digital Library, 2011 ? University of Amsterdam
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