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Cyrus McCormick

No description

James Earls

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Cyrus McCormick

Cyrus Hall McCormick, Sr. (1809–1884) was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. He lived on a 532 acre farm
His father had tried to invent a mechanical reaper In his early 20's cyrus took over his fathers project of designing a reaper. He was successful and started to make and sell reapers in the 1830's Cyrus built a reaper factory in Chicago in 1847 Cyrus met his ultimate rival in London at the Crystal Palace Exhibition and he WON!!! During the last part of his life he invested heavily in western mines and became director of the Union Pacific Railroad Other inventors also created reapers but Mr McCormicks was the most successful because he was also a good businessman. Mechanical reapers are drawn by horses and can do the work of many men The reapers were such a big hit that by 1844 he distributed individual licenses to people to make the reaper elsewhere Cyrus McCormick died at age 75 in 1884 and was buried in Chicago
Although credited as the "inventor" of the mechanical reaper, many other men helped, including his father and Jo Anderson, a slave held by his family.
Cyrus McCormick was the man most responsible for producing selling and making the reaper popular. by Katherine Earls
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