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John Lennon

Assassination report on John Lennon

Jamie Holmes

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of John Lennon

Double click anywhere & add an idea John Lennon Born on Oct 9, 1940 Assassinated on Dec 8, 1980 He was the founder of The Beatles He was the rhythm guitarist in the band Lennon was a peace activist Mark David Chapman assassinated Lennon for the fame and publicity Hours before Lennon was assassinated, he signed a copy of Double Fantasy for Chapman John Lennon John and his first son, Julian The Beatles John, Sean, and his wife, Yoko John and his second son, Sean The assassin, Mark David Chapman They say Chapman wanted to assassinate
Lennon as Lennon himself Chapman used a Charter Arms .35
special revolver to assassinate Lennon John was pronounced dead
upon arrival at the hospital Lennon was shot outside of his New York
apartment, The Dakota 5 shots were fired at John;
two shots struck him in the left side of his back and
two more penetrated his left shoulder;
the 5th shot just missed John's head One gunshot pierced Lennon's aorta John Lennon His first band was called The Quarrymen The Beatles was formed with the original members of The Quarrymen The original name of The Beatles was
The Blackjacks The Beatles formed when Lennon
was 20 years old Lennon originally married Cynthia Powell
after he found out she was pregnant with
his kid Lennon married Yoko Ono in 1969 Powell and Lennon married in 1962
and divorced in 1968 John and Cynthia The doorman of The Dakota asked Chapman, "Do you know what you've just done?!" Chapman replied with, "Yes. I just shot John Lennon." Before firing at John, Chapman said, "Mr. Lennon",
then dropped into a combat stance. The movie Strawberry Fields was
made in his honor Chapman was sentenced 20 years-
life for murdering Lennon Some people say Stephen King
assassinated John Lennon because
Mark Chapman was Stephen's look-a-like
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