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Communications Department

No description

Andy True

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Communications Department

Communications Department
January 23, 2015
Communications Staff
Jeff Hall, Media Technology Specialist
Andy True, Chief Information Officer
Marybeth McLain, Communications Editor
District Marketing
News Releases & Media Advisories/Photo Opportunities
Social Media
Media Relationships
Story Development
Media Inquiries/Interviews
WCSK 90.3 FM
Event Coordination/Promotion
Legislative Affairs Support
Scheduled Publications
Community Relations
Chamber of Commerce
Promotional Items
Supporting Roles
Channel 192 (developing)
Student Handbook
Strategic Plan/Brochure
Annual Report
Employee Handbook
Procedures Manual
Policy Manual
Superintendent's Memo (weekly)
Friday Update (weekly)
BOE Meeting Notes (bi-weekly)
Employee Newsletter (monthly)
Community Newsletter (monthly)

Friday Update
Community Newsletter
Superintendent's Memo
Website - www.k12k.com
New in 2014
Ongoing Updates
Timeframe Specific Items
Uploading of Content
Page Design/Creation
Superintendent's Blog
Department/Program Pages
School Level Pages
System-wide Pages
Events Calendar
Banner Messages
Webmaster Support
Coming Soon: New Host/Design
Event Planning/Facilitation
Back to School Expo
Back to School Convocation
BOE Appreciation Week
Digital Learning/BYOD Day
New Teacher/Tenure Reception
Retirement/Years of Service Gifts
Retired Teachers' Brunch
Teacher Appreciation Week
American Education Week
Summer Administrative Retreat
SCORE Prize Facilitation
Legislative Luncheon
Football Season Ticket Sales Opening
Radio/Audio Production
BOE Members
Community Members
School Staff/Administration
Educational Programming
Daily Live Morning Drive
Concert/Event Recording & Playback
Live Sports Programming
System-wide Audio Support
D-B Radio Club
D-B Academic Projects
Equipment Maintenance/Upkeep
Social Media
Facebook & Twitter (KCS and WCSK Radio Pages), Pinterest, Blog, YouTube Channel, RSS Feed
Building and fostering relationships with fans/followers
Daily Posts
Photo/Video Capture & Upload
Ongoing Monitoring
Cover Designs
Sharing Items Related to KCS
School-Level Support
Supporting/Coordination Roles
Visit Coordination
Materials Collection/Website Development
D-B Alumni Association
ASC Team Development
School-Level Promotions
Board of Education
Award Applications
Legislative Luncheon
System-Level Administration
District Photography
District Communications and Promotions
Flyer Control and Distribution
Internal District Support
Survey Development/Writing/Reporting
School/Teacher Website Administration
School Website Design Support
School SchoolMessenger Support
School Audio Support
District-wide Photography
District-wide Media Support/Coordination
District-wide Event/Marketing
District-wide Promotion student/teacher/school success stories
Employee Intranet
Form Creation/Updates
District-wide Campaigns - HR campaign, Legislative campaigns (School Vouchers)
Flyer Control and Distribution
External Community Support
United Way Fundraising Campaign
United Way Committee/Vision Council Leadership
Eastman Community Advisory Panel
Move to Kingsport/Chamber Support
United We Read
Initiative Chair
Communications/Community Awareness
Community Focus Grant Participation
Participation in Community Focus Groups
Realtor/Relocation Promotion
Crisis Management
Inclement Weather Procedure Development
Inclement Weather Procedure Facilitation
Direct Law Enforcement & Media Contact Point
School-Level Incident Management
Parent Communications
Emergency Response Plan Support
Table-Top Session Participation
On-Site Communication Point
System Promotion
Logo Items
District Tumblers
Secondary Sports Tumblers
Post-it Notes
Note Pads
Note Blocks
Badge Holders
Lapel Pins
Name Badges
Window Clings
E3 Award
Business Cards
Annual Report
Research & Development
Communications Best Practices
Innovation Concepts
Drive New Projects
Website Hosting Rollover
Mobile App Development/Roll-out
BYOD Communications
Improved Administrative Communications
2014 Communications Statistics
Social Media Followers - 7,626 (+2,931)
KCS FB - 4,196
WCSK FB - 864
TW Followers - 1,862
WCSK TW Followers - 453
Pinterest Followers - 121
YouTube Channel Subscribers - 75 w/17,691video views
We Are KCS Blog - 4,436 views

External Distribution - 347
InfoLink Subscribers - 169
Local/Regional Legislators (including assistants/staff) - 22
BMA/City Officials - 7
Media Contacts - 149

External Communications Distributions - 10,125
Facebook Posts - 2,255 (since Jan. 2014)
Twitter Posts - 2,255 (since Jan. 2014)
WCSK Facebook Posts - 1,989 (since Jan. 2014)
WCSK Twitter Tweets - 1,989 (new this year)
We Are KCS blog posts - 17 w/4,436 views
Facebook/Twitter Cover Images - 32 (created since Jan. 2014)
News Releases/Media Advisories - 87 (2014-15 school year)
Direct Media Emails - 1,080
BOE Notes - 31
WCSK Longform programs - 40
WCSK Interviews - 150
WCSK News & Announcement Segments - 200
Employee Newsletter
Social Media Demographics: KCS Facebook Page
People who like our page: 4,196 Fans
79% Female, 20% Male
Highest Demo: 35-44 yr. old
Females 23%
Males 5%
4,134 fans from United States
3,151 live in Kingsport
9 fans in Pakistan, 4 in Cambodia and Morocco, 3 in Germany and India
132 in Johnson City
74 in Church Hill
43 in Blountville
39 in Mt. Carmel

People reached (saw the post) in the past 28 days: 73% Women, 26% Men
Highest Demo: 34-44 yr. old
Females 20%, Males 7%
22,274 in U.S.
8,461 in Kingsport
1,200 in Johnson City

People engaged (interacted) in the past 28 days: 87% Women, 13%
Highest Demo: 34-44 yr. old
Females 25%, Males 5%
1,168 in U.S.
854 in Kingsport
47 in Johnson City

Update Friday Memo
Update Monthly Community Summary
Development of KCS Mobile App
New in 2014
New for 2015
New for 2015
New Website
New Mobile App
Development of TV Production
Social Media Demographics: KCS Twitter Account
People who follow us: 1,862 followers
980 Female (60%), 660 Male (40%)
1,500 fans from US
1,100 live in TN
Top Cities:
980 in Tri-Cities
110 in Nashville
50 in Knoxville

People reached (saw the tweet) in past 28 days with our tweets: 53,200 impressions

Averaging 1,900 impressions per day

People engaged (interacted) in past 28 days with our tweets by re-tweeting, replying, hash tag, etc.:
Engagement Rate: 3.4%
Link Clicks: 297 (averaging 11 per day)
Retweets: 144 (averaging 5 per day)
Favorites: 193 (averaging 7 per day)
Replies: 38 (averaging 1 per day)

Total Communications Hits
That's an increase of 9,344 hits since Jan. 14, 2014.
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